EPI/Trenazone/DMZ Cycle log. Check it out. Need a little help too

  1. Cool EPI/Trenazone/DMZ Cycle log. Check it out. Need a little help too

    Hey ya'll here's my cycle. Tell me what you think. Any changes or anything to add just let me know. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks and God Bless. ( 1. EPI2A3A 30/30/30/40mg) (2. Trenazone 75/110/110/110mg) (3. Xtreme DMZ 48/48/48/48mg) I will also of course be taking (Fish Oil, a multivitamin, and glucosamine). For Cycle Assist I will be using (ProteX Cycle Assist and Liver Protection) and for PCT I will be using (Post Cycle 3X by Vital Labs). Now the only thing I need help on is the dosage for (liquid clomid from cemproducts.com). Thanks again for the help! Didn't mean to label it as a log! Apologies!

  2. Bump. Any help?

  3. Did you run this cycle? I'm about to run the same thing (possibly different doses), how did it turn out?

  4. anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle-info/226515-dmz-trenazone-havoc.html

    heres what im currently doing now
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