Deca dick in week 6. NEED ADVICE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Deca dick in week 6. NEED ADVICE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Been on testosterone therapy for a year at 1cc every 2weeks. After 1 year of hard training, supps and some what clean diet, I decided to take the decca plunge. 250 mg of sus and 250mg of decca weekly. Had blood work done and my test level was over 2000!!! Maybe TMI but I went from steel wood to limp unit. I'm willing to stop the decca since my sex life is more important.
    Since my test level is sooooo high, should I wait a couple of weeks to continue my normal testosterone therapy? Or should I start my testosterone immediately? I'm def stopping the decca or my wife WILL shoot me! Lol. Did the decca with test raise my levels soooo high? Or was it just the added test I was taking?
    Would greatly appreciate some experienced feedback,
    Thanks in advance!!

  2. I would start the test therapy immediately it's definitely not the test doing that to u....I've never did deca heard too many negative things about it. Just my opinion....I've done several cycles with 750 mg of test weekly and dead dick was never a problem it was always the opposite lol.

  3. I heard that nandrolone proprionate(NPP) is the way to go if you want to take the deca route

  4. CABER!! thatll stop your deca dick my fixing the prolactin problems
    dont stop the deca and the test...your deca dosage should be about half of your test dosage.
    and yes if your on TRT absolutely keep up with your dosing protocol...just ween off or "miss" your next doc appointment
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