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    After comming off a week of being sick(nasty bacterial infection), I'm starting up on the GHRP 2 and Mod grf again. Planning to get some gains and lean out at the same time.

    GHRP-2 200mcg after waking and before bed
    MOD GRF 100 mcg after waking and before bed

    Other supplements using
    Ephedrine HCL/ caffeine 25/200 after waking 25/200 1 hr before workout and 25/200 5 hours later
    Fish oil
    20 G BCAAS/ Day
    15G Glutamine/ Day
    2 tabs of milk thistle a day to keep that liver strong and healthy

    As far as diet goes, usually every day and 1 cheat meal every 2 weeks

    Breakfest - 3 egg whites 3 full eggs with oats cooked inside and a piece of fruit
    meal 1 - 12 OZ chicken/steak with 1 cup of greensand a piece of fruit & 1/2 cup almonds raw and 1/4 cup cranberries
    Preworkout meal - sliced apple with almond butter and cinnamon
    Post workout meal - 4 egg whites 2 full eggs and piece of fruit
    Meal 2 12 OZ chicken/Steak with 1 cup of greens and piece of fruit
    meal 3 12 oz chicken/ steal with 1 cup of greens

    Will keep updated weekly.

    at 235lbs right now sitting around 13%BF 5'10

    Let me know what ya think!

  2. Gained 5lbs back most likely water. Strength has gone up in bench from 285x8 to 315x6. Bent over rows from 315 x 6 to 325 x8 basically 20 lb increases. Most likely from week off of rest and recovery.

  3. Any updates ?

  4. Subbed very interested to see how u get on

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