Hi fellas. I am on HRT I take 150mg every two weeks. 43. 180. 5'9". My preferred weight is 170 and I am process of dieting back to that.

Brief History When I was young and skinny I tried deca. I had good gains. While still young I did winnie for 6 weeks and had good gains. I prefer the dry quality muscle then gaining a lot of water and bloat. I bloat easily. Now I am on HRT since my test has been in the low 200's. 248 - 224.

I have a lot at my disposal but believe in being smart not impulsive. I have tren, anavar, tbol, test e, npp. As well as clomid and nolva. I know tren is very powerful. I have read and looked into cycles since I was young. I am not a complete newbie regarding these drugs but I am in regards to me personally using them. Goals My goals are to gain 10lb of solid gains. That is a lot to be happy with. I am in no rush. If it takes two cycles that's fine. I want to lower my bf as well which is why I am in diet phase.

My Concerns & Help With all the reading I have done on boards etc it gets confusing at times with different POV from ppl. I have decent head of hair. I noticed after 2 years of HRT I have thinned/receded a bit. Not bad but I have noticed.I have proscar on hand right now.I know this works directly with test(dht). So if I do a higher cycle of test and take proscar at the same time will that help or do I need to be taking it for awhile. Will it work immediately on the test cycle? Hair is a because concern because I am vain LOL. I was thinking of getting down to my weight and then doing a 7 week cycle of var or tbol first at 60mg. I rather start low on dosages injecting to see how I react and learn how I react from that. I also heard EQ and test is a good mix will proscar work with eq as well?

HRT since I am on HRT I don't believe I need PCT right? Though I do want to ask what you guys recommend for gyno with deca/npp as well as test because I know they're different prolactin/estrogen. Thanks much. sorry for the detail.