Aegis VS. regular TADUCA . .

  1. Aegis VS. regular TADUCA . .

    Hello and as I finish my morning coffee I have a few random thoughts as I wake up so if anyone feels like chiming in please do . . .

    I'm getting ready to order the last few goodies for my next cycle and the company I usually order from is out of Aegis and I was hoping to try it next cycle.

    So my first question is this: Is Aegis really worth the extra money over regular TADUCA? I know it has Polyenylphosphatidylcholine inside but will regular TADUCA do the job if it doesn't come back in stock before I have to make my final order?

    My second question is, on the site for Aegis it says only take for a maximum of 8 weeks but for regular TADUCA it doesn't. Why can I not run it into my PCT? . . as it stands I'll use one of the above ON then switch to Liv52 during my PCT.

    Well my coffee is done and my Squat Rack is calling me . . . so I must go.

    Thanks again to anyone who can further explain the benefits of one over the other and the whole 8 week thing.

  2. Guess I should have asked witch one people prefer lol

    Yes I could order it from another company but SAID company always flys under the radar into my country and others well not so well.

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