First time : Protodrol + Delta2 , thoughtS?

  1. First time : Protodrol + Delta2 , thoughtS?

    Hello , in 3 weeks i plan to start a run of Iforce Protodrol stacked with Fusion supplements Delta2.

    I have never run PH`s before ( i know stacking is generally not recommended for first-timers but after a bit of reading i came to the conclusion i would like to run these 2 at suggested doses of 2caps of proto and 6 caps of delta2 /day ) .
    I feel at this point in time i can try this route because it will take too much time getting to where i want.

    My stats are as follows :
    Age: 24
    Height : 6.1 i guess ( 185 cm )
    Weight : around 200 lbs ( 90-92 kg )
    Goal : gain as much lean mass as possible and close in to 96-97 kg.

    I would like to run these compounds for 4 weeks, maybe 5 , depending on how i feel at week 4.

    for pct i have 4242 OTC supps ( **** BRIDGE , Iforce reversitol2 , pink magic , triazole , erase ,powerfull , labrada humanogrowth, Iforce intimidate and others i cant remember lol , haven`t decided what to stack in pct yet from these ) .


    the real question and help i would like to ask you , in PCT , how should i go about CLomid + osta:

    week 1-4/5 : protrodrol + delta2
    week 4/5 - 8/9 : clomid 50/25/25/25 ?
    Ostarine 20/15/15/10mg ?
    And when do you think i should start to throw in the OTC stuff? i was thinking in week 3 pct

    P.S my ostarine dosage is in a 33mg/1ml bottle i would like to dose it around those numbers .
    Cycle support + Antaeus labs Aegis + fish oil + animal pak + extra hawthorne berry troughout before and after ofc.
    questions , thoughts?

    Thanks in advance

  2. dudes seriously no opinions ?

  3. i know i am not a known /active member here but i `m just looking for some opinions on pct maybe . ..
    i think the clomid should be 50/50/50/25 ? better?
    will start these things next friday and got bloodwork last week for liver/kidney and all are perfect apparently

  4. Wish I could help but I don't know anything about those products sorry

  5. well protodrol was overall appreciated as far as i searched it , Delta2 however i just found 3 logs in 10 google pages , and a few comments like : it`s ok , it`s good not much else but based on the comments and reviews i found i think it would be interesting to stack these and follow with Ostarine in pct

  6. oh my gawd not even 1 opinion , anyway i will be starting tomorrow and plan to run:
    protodrol : 50/50/75/75
    delta2: 300/300/400/400 - not sure on this but i will play with protodrol dosages for sure.
    for pct i decided to drop the Ostarine , and just go with clomid + the otc sups.
    so i will : clomid 50/50/25/25 and start the otc sups in week2 of pct.

    training will be 4 days a week with cardio in between. don`t think anybody cares what the split will look like and , here is where i would really need an experienced opinion:

    i would like to do DC training in my PCT ( helps because of only 3day/week )
    What is your opinion on this at least ( dc training for PCT ) .

    i did DC before and found it to work the best for me. i just won`t do it while ON because my joints really hurt on it and any added strength from the PH`s would probably cause more joint problems so i wouldn`t like the chance to pushmyself too much.


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