1. looking at starting this cycle what do you guys think? I'm looking for strength and bulk gains. Any suggestions welcome. I've done a dbol cycle before. 10 week- test enanthate 500mg 10 week- equipoise 300mg 5 week- dianabol or anavar 60 mg daily. Or should I throw in TREN Pct: Nolvadex 40-20mg after 3 days of cycle - hcg 350 iu

  2. What about switching the eq with TREN

  3. Any suggestions

  4. yeah...make your cycle a little more clear...

    if you want just good mass and strength gains, do

    test E-500mgs/wk-10wks
    eq- 350mgs/wk- 8 weeks
    arimidex 1mg/day

    and there you go a basic cycle that will get you blasted...

    but how old are you? how much weight do you wanna put on? you ran a Dbol only cycle? and dont use tren until you have gotten alot more experience under your belt.
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  5. Thanks MANotaur

    Yes it was a dbol only got 10lbs gain from it with a regular diet. I'm 190lbs with chub I'm looking to be 215-220lbs with strength and mass. I'm also going to do a 4000 cal diet. And I'm 27

    Thanks for replying too



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