m1,4ADD/1-Test/1,4Andro 6 week cycle log

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  1. arent M14add and 1,4andro pretty much the same thing, except one is a methyl?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Renton405
    arent M14add and 1,4andro pretty much the same thing, except one is a methyl?
    No, the methylation makes a complete different compound.

  3. Weight Last Night: 168.5
    Morning Weight: 165

    Holiday eating, woo hoo! Merry Christmas!

  4. Morning Weight: 165.5, then I took my morning leak and 164

    Damn it all, what's up with my weight?!?

    Chest and Back workout tonight went great. Still doing the German Volume Training. It's pretty intense.

    Upped the dosages starting today to 150mg of M1,4AD and 800mg of 1,4 AD. Hoping the morning weight starts going up soon, I'm starting my third week today . Bloat is not bad at all, in fact I seem to be leaning out some, with weight staying about the same. This is the wierdest bulking cycle I've done so far ...hopefully it'll pick up before I get really discouraged.

    If another week goes by and I'm still 165, I may have to accept this as my final plateau...sigh.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ricanarab
    Morning Weight: 165.5, then I took my morning leak and 164

    Damn it all, what's up with my weight?!?
    That's weird.
    M1,4ADD kick in pretty fast and in 2 weeks 1 Test too will have kicked in. Only 1,4 andro needs a week more to kick in (but at thelow doses u are running, it wont make the difference)

    Eat more and reduce the volume of training maybe. Or allow your body more rest. Between workouts and sleep/naps.

  6. Weight before bed: 168.5
    Morning Weight: 166

    Legs tonight. Hoping that pound is the start of a trend.

  7. I have a feeling your weights at a standstill cause your doing way to many sets, 10 sets of squats? your nearing 20 sets per bodypart per workout, your breaking down too much muscle

    Less sets, no more than 4-5 per bodypart, even 5 can be pushing it...and more calories

  8. Weight before bed: 171
    Morning weight: 168

    Finally starting to gain. Just think that 165 was a plateau, or maybe the supps just kicked in. Either way, I'm happy. Still limping around pretty bad from legs on Tuesday night. Tonight is shoulders and arms.

    @Renton405: German Volume Training is a pretty highly regarded way to train. This is the first time I've done it, and it's definately kicking my @$$. I've gone through several bulking cycles (starting lifting at 130 lbs, can you imagine?) and trained using high weight, low reps (i.e. Shawn Phillips Bench Press Program, etc.). I feel like I needed to switch it up in order to overcome plateaus, shock my muscles and make the best out of this, my final PH cycle. Plus, you never want to get bored in the gym.

    I would suggest to you and anyone to try it out, it's really intense and great if you want a change of pace.

  9. Had a great arm and shoulder workout:

    10 X 10 Barbell Curls @ 30 lbs
    10 X 10 Parrallel Dips
    3 X 10 Lateral Raises @ 20 lbs
    3 X 12, 10, 8 Seated Preacher Curls @ 50 lbs

    Weight before bed: 170
    Morning Weight: 167

    Starting to see some bloat, but the weight is coming, which is nice. I will start using the Letro next week, if the bloating continues. Overall, my morning weight is going up and I can see definate stamina/strength increases during my workouts.

  10. Weight before bed: 171.5
    Morning Weight: 166.5

    Quick question: should I wait and take the tribulus during my PCT, instead of taking it the last two weeks if my cycle as planned? Which would be more beneficial? If I wait till PCT to start the tribulus, I'll be on M1,4AD alone for 2 weeks. Thanks for your help.

  11. Got the flu this week, so I've been taking it easy. Still eating and maintaining weight, though. Can't wait till I'm strong enough to get back in the gym.

    Anybody have any suggestions to my Tribulus question in my last post?

  12. Start the Tribulus a 10days or a week before PCT.
    my opinion
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  13. Well, went to the docs and my blood pressure is through the roof. I've felt ill for over a week, and have been unable to even lift. I went a day without taking any PH and my bp settled.

    Therefore, I am ending my cycle early and starting PCT tomorrow. The high bp was just too scary.

    Would it be ok to take Tribulus in the morning and Nolvadex at night, or should I save the Tribulus for later?

    Final Weight: 171 lbs.

    Thanks for all your support and help.

  14. sorry to hear that, tribulus can have a small stimulant effect - so its your call.
    What did you doctor give you/say about the blood pressure?
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  15. Well, he wasn't too knowledgable about the PH's, what's new.

    I have a history of hypertension in my family, and he pretty much dismissed it when I told him what PH's I was on. He prescribed me 5mg of Norvasc, which I refuse to take.

    My bp has settled on it's own after I stopped the Andro, so I'm not going to get on prescription bp meds at age 24.

  16. CoEnzyme10 or Hawthrone are decent OTC choices
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  17. I ordered some of Twinlab's Blood Pressure Control (C-12 Peptide), as I've read good reviews on it on this board.

    After I've quit the PH's, my blood pressure is down to averaging 130/85 - 135/89 or thereabouts.

    I do not plan to take the Norvasc ever, unless I'm about to stroke out. I will take the Twinlab, just to get the bp down to around 120/80.

    Hope it goes down naturally, I'd hate to have a bp problem at 24.


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