2nd cycle.

  1. 2nd cycle.

    Hey guys. Once again im asking you for advice. This time its my second cycle.

    Im 22, 103kg and 15% bf.

    My 1st cycle was
    [email protected]/day (wk 1-4)(Started at 30 and worked my way up to what i felt was right for me)
    Test 600/wk (wk 1-12)
    PCT was Novla 60/40/40/20

    I kept around 6-7kg after pct, lost around 5kg of the gains i had made while on.

    For my second cycle I was going to run a dbol/test/deca cycle to bulk up over winter/start of spring however ive decided against this as im finding it hard to get caber or anything to combat the prolactin sides if I get any.

    The cycle im going with is similar to the last one as I feel that I was not as strict as I should have been while on my last cycle. I also learned alot with my first cycle so I belive I can do alot better this time.

    The cycle is going to look like this. (starting it tomorrow)
    Week 1 - 12 Test E 600mg/wk
    Week 1 - 4 Dbol 50mg/day
    Week 11-14 TBoll 60mg/day
    Week 14-18 Ostarine 20/20/15/10
    Week 14-18 Tamoxifen 60/40/40/20

    The PCT that im using is the nolva alone, this worked for me last time, balls came back to normal around week 17, never felt down, emo or anything. Started lifting lighter weights at the gym but im guessing thats just the norm when coming off a cycle.

    Im going to use the SARM Ostarine and taper off as ive read it does shut you down slightly which is not what i want when im on PCT. However it will be nice to try something to help keep my gains.

    Also going to take Tbol to "bridge" (Yes i know its not the right term to use but it does make sence) my test E to my PCT while im waiting for the long ester to clear.

    I have arimidex on hand however im not sure when/how to use that - Should i just keep it for if i start seeing unwanted side effects? I never used it last time atall in my cycle.

    Would appreciate feed back guys you helped me alot last time. I respect the comments that say im too young however im going ahead with the dbol/test e tomoro regardless. I would probibly give the same advice to you guys, hypocrite much?

  2. Ok, disapointed ive not had any replies. None the less I went ahead with my planned cycle.

    Injected on Monday and again on Thursday. 1st injection went no problem, no PIP. 2nd injection went ok however I had slight PIP due to moving the needle too much while it was in me (just bad technique, no biggie)

    Not expecting much in the 1st week (obv test doesnt kick in till week 4ish) however noticed a slight strength increase when i was training shoulders tonight, which was impressive as i was exhausted from work. Also started noticing the insane back pumps coming in.

    Diet is ok - Eating 3.5k - 4k calories a day, macros looking something like this - 330-370g and carbs 250-300g, fats usualy around 80-100g.
    Most of the protein/carbs are coming from sweet potatoes, brown rice/pasta, chicken, beef, mince, shakes

    Feedback welcome.

  3. layout looks good...

    how much did you gain first time around? the gains should be about the same....

  4. Quote Originally Posted by usealittle View Post
    layout looks good...

    how much did you gain first time around? the gains should be about the same....
    I gained around 11-12kg while on. I kept about 6kg of that.
    My diet was good and training was good however I slipped up for a good 2-3 weeks in the middle of the cycle causing me to extend it longer than planned to try and make up. I understand thats the wrong thing to do however I did recover well non the less.
    This time round it will be 100% by the book.

    Wondering if anyone has some insight on ostarine and also about taking t-bol between last pin + pct?

  5. Thats me just starting week 3. Injections going smoothly and havent missed a dose of dbols yet splitting them up during the day.
    Strength is going up steadily, just had one of the best chest workouts Ive ever done.

    Wasnt anything special!
    5x8-10 flat db bench
    5x8-10 db incline flys
    3x8-10 hammer strength chest press
    3x8-10 cable flies.
    Total sets 16.

    The weights just felt light - cant wait for back day today!

    Diet wise Ive started drinking a lot more water, this has cleared up some spots I used to have and also belive its keeping the bloating down.
    Ive put on about 3kg so far and my bodydfat has dropped .5% so its going in the right direction. Obv some of the 3kg is water from the dbols however its nowhere near as noticable this time.



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