Ok here it goes. I just started my first PH cycle 2 days ago. Looking to gain some mass and bulk up. Then will wait a few months and try a tren cycle to cut up.

    Epi= 10mg
    Max LMG= 15mg
    Msten= 4 mg
    TRT=200mg week

    2x pills a day first week, then 3 a day for next 3-4.

    6'0 230lbs approx 15% BF.

    Preload 3 weeks of AI cycle support
    Gaspari Anavite Vitamins
    Fish Oil
    Taurine (if needed)
    Adrenolyn Bulk PWO half serving
    Pro7 Protein250-300g a day
    Post Work Out= MHP Dark Matter
    Iron Mag Labs E-Control through cycle and post

    Post Cycle
    Clomid (Prescription)
    AI cycle support

    Well there it is. Please feel free to drop a line and give your opionions. I will be logging as it goes. Since its my first cycle I think I should see some really great gains.


    Day 1 there was not much to say. Definately the only thing I can say is lethargic. I upped my water intake and calorie intake.
    Gym was pretty good. Worked out on shoulders tonight especially the delts. They were burning by the end of the workout. Every workout will consist of 2-3 warm up sets and 2-3 sets to failure. I will be working out 2 on 1 off. Thanks for tuning in and hope to gain some respect since it being my first time. Thanks again fellas.

  2. You might want to pickup a joint support. It sounds like you've got a rough ride ahead of you.

  3. Thanks pump. Actually just picked some up. I'm not sure about rough though but thanks again for the heads up.

  4. Day 4.
    Sorry been out a few days between 12 hr days and watching my daughter after work couldn't get to the due to the weekend. Had an awesome chest/tri workout.

    Lat pull overs- 95's 3x- PR.
    Flat bench- 95's 5x- PR.
    Incline bench- 90's 5x-PR.
    Killed my tri's also. All weights were dumb bells for isolation.

    Attitude- normal
    Acne/ Oily skin- none
    Libido- going up through the roof
    Lethargy- during the day especially an hour after the dose
    Gonads- still hanging for now
    Strength is going up daily. No back pumps as of yet.

    I've been doing the Kris Gethin 12 week program. I'll tell you its no joke. It requires you to do 2-3 warm up sets then 2-3 sets to failure. Definitely a muscle builder. Well I will keep the log going if anyone is interested. If anyone has questions or comments please feel free to post. Thanks

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