If Dermacrine is not available what DHEA product should I use?

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    you should quit before u embarass urself anymore lol....i tried dermicrine and thats what i was commenting on, u asked if i tried the new one..i said no...no where did i say transaderm was better than the new one or whatever u think u might have read...i said i didn't try it

    but my opinion stands that transaderm is the better of the two from my EXPERIENCE...if i didn't experience the new one, it wouldn't be my EXPERIENCE....now go back and re-read things, then stop being a blind hater for no good reason....whenever someone asks for a suggestion of a product i'll always say what product i've had the best experiences with
    dermacrine sucked so bad, nate felt the need to buy the rights to the product and sell it under contract for the longest time, then decided to use the formula, but add his carrier, in order to save money.
    better carrier? possibly, i havn't used pp's dermacrine. but pp isn't selling it anymore any ways.

    it went from pp, ntb m, ruthless, to bps, and i dont know who it's with now. all prefered to use different carriers.

    everytime you support transaderm, or really anything nate now does, you support the people behind dermacrine, as thats who got him started.

    you've probably never been to the pp rep forum and read nates post from when he repped for pp huh?

  2. Well either way if they don't release the new or old stuff by months end ill order the Alpha Bulk as everything get stopped and held at the boarder for a few weeks and like my OP stated I'm starting in March. So who know maybe by next, next cycle all the will be sorted out and ill try one of them

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  3. Any updates on a new derma coming out! I want to start my epi cycle! Can't find any info on it.

  4. Focus is now available for order. It is a DHEA based product intended to do exactly as it's name says.
    But exactly like derma but can give some of the same benefits.
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle


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