i have a bottle of phorce which contains 15 mg of dmz and 30 mg of lmg. i just ordered some rpn havoc also to bridge into sometime. i just need some feedback as to exactly the best way to do this.
heres my cycle setup so far

Phorce 3 caps a day for 22 days (i had 6 pills left over from a previous cycle)
dmz 45/45/45
lmg 90/90/90
epi 00/30/30/30/40

cel cycle assist
fish oil
ON serious mass weight gainer
ON creatine
c4 extreme
taking 1.5 mg of letro every other day starting week 2 because im gyno prone with lmg

cycle assist
letro 1.5/1/
clomid 50/50/25/25
pes erase

i weigh 175lbs with about 8% body fat im 5'11
taking in 3500-4000 calories per day on cycle and pct
training every day only skip sundays
1st day= chest tricep calves
2nd day=back bicep abs
3rd day = shoulders traps calves
4th day= quads hams abs

any comments or feed back would be appreciated