EPI-Elite - Epistane Cycle need Advice

  1. EPI-Elite - Epistane Cycle need Advice

    Hello brothers, I am Brazilian and would like to remedy a doubt my on my first cycle of Epistane.

    I thought about doing 5 weeks with the following protocol

    1 Week: 10-10-10-20-20-20-20mg
    2 week: 20-20-20-20-20-30-30mg
    3 week :30-30-30-30-30-30-30mg
    4 week :30-30-30-30-30-30-30mg
    5 week: 30-30-30-30-30-30-30mg

    or would it be better just four weeks with protocol

    1 Week: 20-20-20-20-20-20-20mg
    2 week: 30-30-30-30-30-30-30mg
    3 week :40-40-40-40-40-40-40mg
    4 week :40-40-40-40-40-40-40mg

    What would be better??

    Please help me and sorry for the horrible English!!

    thank you

  2. Please...nothing???

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