So my third cycle????

  1. So my third cycle????

    Well I've did some research and have an idea for my next cycle. I was thinking about test cyp 250 at 250 mg a week and gp bold 200 at 400 mg a week and still have about 20 winstrol tabs and was thinking about using them to. Prob gonna use anastrozole as an ai but will prob have some letro as well. I'm looking to get freakin cut that's why I've decided to lower my test by more than half of what I usually take. Any thoughts guys? I read that eq gives u extreme vascularity and gives you better cardio but isn't known for mass gains its a common cutting steroid. Am I right in all of that? If something sounds wrong tell me what u would do plz. I'm 6ft 4in and 215 lbs. 230 is heaviest I've been on cycle I wasn't fat but could stand to lose some weight.

  2. dont know about eq but im about to and you can get plenty cut on Test. Just make sure that you take care of your joints and liver with that winny. Get some UDCA and glucosamine and chondroiton to stave off any joint issues that could pop up
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