11-x cycle

  1. 11-x cycle

    I'm looking at running an 8 week cycle of 11-x and am wondering if I should stack it with another PH. Looking at running it at 300-400mg.
    My goal is to add lean mass and drop a little BF.
    Currently - age 49
    Clean diet at 40%carbs 30% fats 30%protein
    BF is at about 14-15.5%(including holiday eating)
    Weight - 178

    Background - lifted until 2003 when back issues brought on surgeries. My last surgery was this past July. I have 8 fused disc C3-C7 and L4, L5, S1. My last surgery took away all my pain. In August I was cleared to start lifting. Over the past 8 years I had gain a lot of weight. I weighed 220 in August and dropped to 172. I've add a few lbs and weigh 178 right now. Hard work and diet change along with determination. My back issue was brought on by my weider bench collapsing while doing incline bench press with 315lbs.
    Anyway, I'm working my ass off to get back to where I was. As of this past week:
    Bench incline and flat - 200lbs x 3 reps
    Squat front bar- 195
    Squat back bar - 300 - 5 reps
    EzCurl - 100lb x 3 rep
    Deadlift not performed due to back

    My goal is to reduce bf to 10%
    Add more muscle mass
    Increase strength back to a 300lb bench press.

    I read where some had stacked 11-x with 6-oxo or Hdrol. But looking around and it seems both of these were discontinued.
    I plan to run DAA, Erase Pro and if needed Torem after the 8 week cycle. Will supplement during the cycle with a joint guard, vitamins, fish oils, and protein.

    So should I stack another PH with 11-x? If so which one?
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  2. So anyone here use 11-x or 11-Sterone? Thoughts?
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  3. I ran 11 oxo with halodrol. It was my first run. The 11 made me instantly tired, like useless tired. I won't be running it again. Once you get into Ph, there are alot of other variables: testosterone levels, estrogen rebound, liver toxicity, pct, and so on.

    Have you had bloodwork done by your doc? At your age, I would have a full hormone panel including testosterone, dht, free testosterone, estradiol, liver values(ast, alt) and thyroid (t3, reverse t3, t4,) fsh, lh.

    Start there and see how your numbers look. Testosterone levels fall as you age.

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