mutant plexx 4 week cycle

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  1. Cool mutant plexx 4 week cycle

    34m 2 previous ph cycles under my belt about to do a quad stack. For many reasons none of which are very good I fell off and let myself go to ****. Stopped working out mainly because I couldn't afford to blah blah depression blah blah I'm a idiot. Moneys good now here i go again. I know I'm going to get flamed its all good. Last month Istarted back 5-6 days a week lifting making gains running a lot etc. I'm impressed I'm as strong as I am with 2 years off. I got labs low t......prescribed gel holding off on using till after cycle gonna blast then cruise unless convinced otherwise. Currently loading milk thistle, Hawthorne berry, saw pilmento. Cycles in the mail should arrive later this week. My biggest strength loss has been my bench I left off at 325 x2 reps just did 250 x3 was curling 75lb dumbells now I'm repping 50's oh well. I got muscle I just have a gut.... 5'9 240. Diet will consist primarily of stew meat , fish, chicken, cold cuts, protein shakes lots of protein shakes.

    Servings per Container90Ingredients4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17b-diol (Halodrol) - 15mg13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-dien-17-one (Max LMG) - 15mg2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol (Epistane) - 6mg2,17a-dimethyl-5a-androsta-1-en-17b-ol-3-one (Methylstenbolone) - 3mgOther IngredientsGelatin (capsule), maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxideRecommended useTake 1 capsule in the morning, take 1 capsule early afternoon, and 1 capsule in the evening. For optimal results, space dosages times approximately 5 hours apart. DO NOT exceed more than 3 capsules in any 24 hour period.

  2. I should recieve today or tomorrow. Any advice from anyone? Will switching to axiron for pct be adequate? With a 4 ph stack would a test base be to much? I plan on consuming probably around 3, 000 clean calories high protein as I would like to reduce as much body fat as possible. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thats alot of drugs

    However epi and hdrol take 3 weeks to kick in so are useally ran 6 weeks. If just getting back in the gym i would wait 6 months before running anything

  4. I agree it is a lot.. muscle wise I feel good to run it I am blessed with and still have incredible recovery time no matter how hard I push it I don't get sore. I have done physical work in the last year so my muscles are firing on all cylinders. For the weight aspect I was on a medicine that affected that greatly plus I believe that not knowing my t levels are low was also a contributing factor. I do know from prior that recomps can be amazing both ways. You mentioned halo I felt that my second week in on my last cycle. With halo I ran it up to 125mg big difference though dose wise. I respect the idea of waiting but..I feel I can handle it currently I have a slight gut but I am definitely solid every where else. I will be running 3 tabs a day other than waiting any other imput?

  5. Whats the dosage for the hdrol ?
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  6. 45 for halo. It will be three capsules dosage is in the first post. I would break it down otherwise but I'm at work now :-)

  7. With those doses you need like 6 pills a day.

  8. Wasn't to sure as I have not ran 4 compounds before and havent studied max lmg or meythlstenbolone. . It wasn't what I originally intended to run. I was going to run a bottle of epimaxx from power lab nutrition. They were out of stock and it was discontinued by powerlab. While I'm kinda iffy on their new lineup the 2 bottles of halotest had WAY more pills than advertised and it turned out to be a awesome cycle. Anyways I got a email about them being out of stock so I worked out a substitution as I said not what I planned. I start tomorrow.

  9. I just finished a bottle of mutant about a week ago. I gained a solid 10lbs. Very noticable strength increase and I toned up a bit. Also did not experience any sides. I have been on my PCT since the last day of my cycle which consists of Finaflex PCT Revolution Black and Pure Test. I have yet to notice any negative side effects and still feel strong and energetic in the gym. Overall I thought the stuff was decent. Worked out well for me. Hope the same for you.

  10. I decided to continue the gell so I will have a test base. I took the first dose yesterday and three today and worked out after work. For lack of time to log everything I due to 12 hour work days plus commute equals not enough hours in a day. Lifts were about normal today I did chest and triceps I felt a little different though. I benched as usual then skull crushers. I did go heavier on that did 8 reps at 50 then 6 at 90 8 at 80, 8 at 70 could of done more sets at lower weights. Then I did the peck fly machine which I have already @240. That particular exercise concerns me because I feel popping. I finished a few sets and damn I had a painful swell. After 4 doses I was surprised. I walked away to get changed and damn the ass of this woman wow! I started chubbing up got to the changing area rock hard! The pump didn't last long but this is only the first day. I ate good today. I'll see tomorrow. Riddles how quick did it start kicking in for you?

  11. I started to notice a decent change after a week in. By week two it was going full steam. My workout partner, who was taking a bottle as well, had similar results. He said he noticed a change in my strength as well as my muscle endurance by week two.

  12. Another note...Yesterday I was able to do 10x10x225 on flat bench with absolutely no help from a spot. For me, this was pretty significant for 2 reasons....1.) I've never attempted this workout before yesterday, much less more than 5 sets of any kind of weight. 2.) I'm 2 days into week 2 of my PCT and have no feeling of loss of strength or endurance. Just thought I would throw that out there...

  13. Good deal! I did back and biceps yesterday it was pretty intense stepped up the weight on my curl to 110 did 9 reps and did a few sets of lower weight. Gotta be the ultradrol or max lmg kicking in....should not even feel the halo or epi for a while. I think this is gonna turn out to be a good cycle.

  14. Workouts are definitely getting more intense. Diet has been on point not really counting calories but eating clean with tons of protein. Think I've gained 2 pounds but appear to be losing fat. I gained a notch on my belt arms and chest are tighter. I really wish I taped myself before I started so far very pleased. Taking today off. Yesterday my back and biceps workout was insane I curled the 110lb bar 9 times which is definitely a huge improvement then reduced weight for 3more sets. Seated row was strong pull down and everything else was off the hook. I felt like my biceps and shoulders were going to explode. Preemptive I bought some taurine now taking 1000mg a day. No sides to speak of yet. Might check my blood pressure tomorrow.

  15. Glad to see you're liking it. I didn't measure myself before hand either and regret it. Sounds like you are getting the same effects as I did. Keep it up.

  16. Hunger is kicking in big time I consumed 2 chicken breasts, brocc, cauliflower, a small steak, a lean cuisine, a protien bar, 3 protein shakes and a very tiny piece of my wifes meatloaf. At work my back was tightning which sucked as I do a lot of bending but it was liveable. For lack of a spot and wanting to push to complete exhaustion I've been using the guided safety rack bench system. The personal trainers say it realisticly takes about 20 lbs for loss of form. I accounted that in the number on my first post. But I'll speak the weight on the bar now. Last week I benched 275lbs 3 times today I did it 5 times! Thats gotta be a 15-20 pound gain first week out the gate. Scull crushers first time doing 100lb weight I managed 6. I'm thrilled so far. I've seen this stack knocked on here but it is kicking ass for me. I am starting to notice a little nutsack shrinkage. Tomorrow I'll try to eat less. Lol

  17. Gained 6 pounds in the last three days. Looking a lot bigger in the shoulders and chest. I'm taking today off. One weird thing that I gotta figure out is how to juggle dosing with rotaing shifts. Last shift change I stayed up longer and worked a 4th dose in so now between that and taking 1 dose the night I started it'll workout to be 29 days.

  18. I was fortunate to be able to keep a consistent dosing schedule. 1 at 7am, 1 at 12pm and 1 at 5pm. I am about two and half weeks into my PCT and I'm feeling good. Still have the strength in the gym. I'm also still holding steady at 220lbs. Before Mutant, I was at 210-212. During the cycle, I peaked at 225 at about week 3 and have held steady at 220 since the start of my PCT.

  19. Don't think anyone is really following but ill post anyways. I pushed 275lbs 6 times a increase of 3 reps. I can now curl 75lb dumbbells again 3 times. My weight is now up 13lbs since I started. I am a little over 2 weeks in. This stack is the ****!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by pimpslap49 View Post
    Don't think anyone is really following but ill post anyways. I pushed 275lbs 6 times a increase of 3 reps. I can now curl 75lb dumbbells again 3 times. My weight is now up 13lbs since I started. I am a little over 2 weeks in. This stack is the ****!
    following bro....

  21. You have more following than you realize.

  22. Tonight I'll be doing legs. I have never been a huge leg or cardio guy. The general standards that I have always used as benchmarks are upper body. This time I am doing leg work on the machines. I am now doing 3 on 1 off. Chest and triceps one day back and biceps with shoulders in and a leg day. I have been a little edgier first week and a half but that edginess seems to be tapering off. I believe the halo and epi are starting to contribute. I noticed today that my piss is a lot foamier been guzzling water today. The pumps are insane but they seem to last about a half hour....shorter than my last cycle but I am not running a preworkout or creatine. Protein protein more protein and milk thistle saw pilmento, multivitamin and taurine thats it. Tomorrow will be a off day.

  23. I forgot fish oil 1,000mg a day. Think I'm going to double down on that.

  24. Bad day diet wise ate like **** but i'll consider it my **** it day. Did chest and triceps notably I did 7 reps at 275 a increase of 1 rep. I believe the one rep addition is a 9lb gain 1max rep calculator. I started at 3 I not sure but I think I have around 10-11 days left so I should get at least 3 more chest workouts in so probably ballpark about 40lbs on bench so far. I've been starting out 1 plate on each side doing 8 reps adding 2 45s and 2 25s as my baseline set the set that tells me whats changed. Skull crushers I did [email protected] 100lbs. Its a increase as well but I'm on my phone so ill post this and then scroll back in earlier posts to see the increase. I'm expecting to finish in a big way looking forward to seeing the end results. Shoulders and biceps are definitely bigger. Dropped a pound so at 12lbs water?

  25. 1-6 I did [email protected] 100 on the 28th of Dec I think it was 6 at 90 huge difference! Loving it!


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