mutant plexx 4 week cycle

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  1. Killed it in the gym today! Pushed through my lack of motivation did 35 minutes on treadmill and went to town on back and biceps...I'm taking shoulders out and giving it its own day. I believe today signaled a crossing of the post cycle hump. Weight is holding steady despite my weight gain during cycle I've gained 3 notches on my belt and need to drop a pant size.

  2. Worked another chest and triceps routine felt good didn't lose any strength didn't gain any...up for 17 hours before workout though. Not ideal but wasn't going to miss 2 days in a row. About 9 days or so post cyle

  3. Back and biceps today..been curling with the var I use for skull crushers. Going to have to basically abando it for dumbells did 16 @ 110 before doing sets of 100 then 90. This I would say is my first notable post cycle gain. Felt good had a guy say I made it look to easy lol. With that form x I dropped down to 4 a day to sqeak in a few extra days...nuts look good! Oh yeah pull downs and long pulls up too. Haven't been keeping track but definitely more weight today it felt good.

  4. That's great that you're holding your new strength man, and especially excited the boys didn't get shut down bad. You gonna try to get some bloodwork a month or so after pct?

  5. Glad that so far, physically, you're fine. Get bloods done bud, so you know where you truly stand.

  6. Visiting the doc to request full bloods again tmrw after work, I'm so pumped. If I get the green light when my results come back (like I expect) I'm going on again in March.
  7. mutant plexx 4 week cycle

    You don't know if your levels are back to normal until after PCT. And I believe it gets checked I want to say a week after PCT. log below

  8. Quote Originally Posted by PREracing25 View Post
    You don't know if your levels are back to normal until after PCT. And I believe it gets checked I want to say a week after PCT.
    i have to agree. Wait till ur are no longer on any pct drugs to get your bloods done. Youll get a more accurate read of where u stand naturally.

  9. I'll probably get blood done in about three weeks. Thing is I'm on my second month of taking test gell.. I probably could have gotten away with no pct but I don't want to appear more shut down than what the dr would expect. I guess it's a crap shoot. I'm gonna straight tell my doc I wanna be on the high end of normal and depending on my levels see if I can get the injectible. Cruise another month on the gell depending when my appointment an stock pile and the double down at some point for a month or so.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by PREracing25 View Post
    You don't know if your levels are back to normal until after PCT. And I believe it gets checked I want to say a week after PCT.
    You should wait a month after pct at least. Clomid and nolva have long half-lifes in the body; it's still influencing your numbers for a while even after you stop taking them.

    Got bloodwork orders for tmrw and got an order for a midcycle panel when I go on msten in march! I'm tellin' you guys, it's worth talking with your doctor if you have insurance to cover visits. Virtually free bloodwork. Just a couple copays and your time. Most doctors want you to be healthy and recognize you're gonna use either way so better to monitor things together.

  11. Didn't take either of those I took form x I think its lg science it does have a serm I am on hrt my test levels are documented low by my endo dr. Al the pct in the world won't change that. I could try hcg shots but my dr won't give those. I would have to find a "wellness dr." My goal was more or less eliminate some nutsack shrinkage. Usually hormone replacement therapy can be life long. Whether its exposure to chemicals at work my prescription antipsychotics, previous prohormone use or hereditary idk. My levels were either mid 200s or low 300s before cycle or trt.

  12. Finally made first post cycle gain on chest and a big one at that. Been way busier than I'd like to be and missed 3 days in a row. My whole day has literaly been a workout. At the gym on chest I gained 2 reps. Though last time I just fell short of a rep. So I am now up to 275x10 of my baseline set. I kinda want to tack on a few pounds but I really enjoy repping that weight. Anyways all is good I lost 3lbs but I would put my money on It being fat not muscle.


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