...28 days later - Test P/Anadrol/Trenazone 4 week blast!

  1. ...28 days later - Test P/Anadrol/Trenazone 4 week blast!

    This is going to be my log of a 4 week blast cycle of Test prop/Anadrol/Trenazone.

    Here is what it will look like

    Wk 1-4: Test prop 125mg eod with a 250mg frontload on day 1
    Wk 1-4: Anadrol 50mg ed
    Wk 1-4: Trenazone 1ml(75mg) ed


    3 days after last injection
    Clomid 100 day 1 then 50/50/50
    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Bridge once HCGenerate is done

    Should I add exemestane in here too?

    Support supps

    Cycle Assist
    Arimidex .5mg eod
    Caber .25 eod
    HCGenerate starting week 3
    Joint supps
    Fish oil

    So there it is. I hope I didnt forget anything. Im hoping to put on a good 15lbs and keep 90% of it. If all goes as planned I will be pinning second week of January.

  2. Okay so I started on the 4th. 250mg pin to the glute. Went fine. No pip to speak of. Hit up my trenazone which was interesting. Its like water almost, so applying it to my upper chest area was weird. It came out of the dropper and just ran down. It was only after, I realized I should have just dropped it in my hand and rubbed it on... Anyways, starting weight was 158 weighed as soon as I woke up and took a piss.

    Sunday the 6th was my next pin of 125mg. I went with the right quad this time. Ive never used my quad before so I was a little apprehensive, but I just said f--- it and went for it. Everything was great until that night. My virgin quad was hurting bad enough to wake me up. HAH! The next day it was slightly swollen and still hurt. I was kind of limping too. I took a super hot bath last night though and it seemed to help. It is considerabley better today.

  3. Okay so that brings me to today. I got my liquid anadrol this morning so immediately after getting home from work I took my first dose and holy crap does it taste awful. I wasnt really expecting it and didnt have anything nearby to wash it down with which made it worse haha. I hit the gym shortly after.

    So lets talk about how Im feeling so far. Im up 1-1.5 lbs. So thats good I suppose but it's a little too early to tell if that is from my diet or what. I feel pretty good overall. Today I was a bit tired due to getting only 4 hours of sleep last night and it definitely showed in the gym. I was able to hit a good shoulder workout but towards the end I could tell I was really grinding out those last reps. Ive been feeling slightly more bloated that I would like and I know its not diet because that hasnt changed. So I went from .5 adex eod to ed. That was also in anticipation of the drol.

  4. One last update for the day! After some thinking and talking to a knowledgable buddy of mine, I decided to up my prop dosage. Im thinking 175mg eod. Might as well get the most out of this short cycle! Ill be picking up another vial here shortly. So I will do my first 175mg pin in a bit. In my left quad...

  5. Following to see how much u gain . Kill it man. Will u be doing before and after pics?

  6. Yes but I will post them at the end. Its more dramatic that way lol.

  7. Will be following the fun on this one! Best of luck on your blast TFR!
    Never shall innocent blood be shed, but the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river.

  8. Looks fun haha jus wanted to mention i dosed caber .25 every third day and loved it, no neg sides. Can get more out of your supply too. Have fun brotha

  9. Short update here. Last week pretty much sucked. I was sick with a cold, got about 4 hours sleep each night, had zero appetite, and only lifted 3 times. What a ****ty start...the good news is, despite the crappy situation, I weighed between 161 and 162 the last couple of days when I woke up. So Im still gaining. I am feeling quite bloated however and am starting to doubt the legitimacy of this adex I am using. I will try 1ml eod but I dont want to crush e2 completely, just keep it in the normal range.

    I am starting to feel better now though. Still have a runny nose and what not but my energy and appetite is returning. I did ches/tri yesterday and back/bi today. If I can later Ill post those workouts. If anything Ill post my split I will be using throughout this short cycle.

  10. How's the cycle going?

  11. I know, Im horrible at updating. Well since you ask, Its going pretty well. Im waking up at 166 right now. I switched to the letro running a low dose so my bloat is under control. The downside is that now my joints are aching...I just cant win! Oh well, I think ill survive the next week. Im feeling strong in the gym. I dont feel like the liquid drol was really doing anything for me, no dramatic strength increases. I was running a fairly low dose however. I started at 30mg for a week, then bumped to 50mg. I will be running it at 75mg for the remainder of the cycle. Also, my buddy got a new supplier and had some anadrol capsuls, so being the nice guy he is, he gave me a 5 day supply to test out. I will leave that review for another day. I feel like my shoulders are improving which was a weak point for me, so that is exciting. My leg sweep is slightly better. Arms are up at least 1/4". Calves look a little better. Chest looks wider. Back feels bigger. Its difficult to really tell how my progress is going though. I look pretty much everyday to see progress. I read a quote on one of the forums that said, "A watched pot never boils." So I suppose Ill see how much I ACTUALLY improved when I see the before and after pics haha.

    I think for this last week I am going to be cutting back slightly on some calories. I have gained some fat during the first few weeks that I want to lose before the end of this cycle. I am looking into the leangains diet but Im not sure how effective or practical it will be for the last bit. Still doing research on that. If any of you have used or are using this diet let me know what your experiences were. Well bros, until next time...


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