OK background on me. 6’3, 249lbs, 17%bf 23 years old. Lifting heavy since 20, started using AAS at 21. PR’s, 350 bench, 455 squat, 495dl. Coming off a bulk directly in to my cut. Here are my regular cycles:

Test E – 1g/wk
EQ – 800mg/wk
Deca – 250mg/wk
Anavar – 160mg/day
Proviron – 75mg/day

Test P – 100mg/day
Clen – 80mcg/day
Win – 50mg/day
Proviron – 50mg/day

Some say my doses are high, other people are even higher. I’m neither a rookie nor a pro. As I come off this cut, I’m really interested in crossing over to HGH. I want to stack it with Tren Hex and Test Prop for 15 weeks. I never stay on the same cycle for more than 3 months, but from what I understand MLB pro’s just cruise on HGH year round. I’ve never been one to get the horror story side effects except for the odd pimple. Would it be overly detrimental to take a long ester like Hex and a fast acting test for so long? Or am I just being a bitch?