Prami and Arimidex during Test + Deca + Tren cycle

  1. Prami and Arimidex during Test + Deca + Tren cycle

    Hello there guys. I'm willing to start my second cycle. My first was about 2 months ago, used test e 600mg week and deca 400mg week. Got good gains overall, and I think its time to start a new one.

    900mg test e./week
    400mg deca/week
    450mg tren/week

    I already have anastrazolol, going to take eod. My issue is with the anti prolactin, since I'm using two 19 nor. Wich one should I use? Prami? Parlodel? How much a day? Also, should I include t3 shots?

    All help I can get will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

  2. Why would you want to run deca and tren for your second cycle? Just run tren and test with am oral kicker. Tren doesn't need to be stacked with anything it is an awesome compoun that will you will seen incredible progression with.

  3. How long were you on for the last cycle? And do you mean you've been through with pct for 2 months or counting pct it's been 2 months total? And how long are you going on for with this one? If you haven't spent at least a couple months after post I'd try to give your body a little more time. Unless it was a 6wk gig at most and you're dying to get back on the jug. But there's still something to be said for moderation man; believe me I remember as soon as I came off pct from my first cycle I was looking towards the next.

    You only get one cardiovascular system and set of organs.

  4. Was a quick 4 week cycle. Its been two months since then. I'm thinking to go for a 8 week cycle this time. Just wondering what kind of anti prolactin will suit better, and if I need to use t3 aswell.

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