Hey guys, i love this site! Im just trying to figure out what i should do for PCT for a very light PH cycle. I have been taking Katanadrol 2.0 to lose a little body fat and keep the lean mass on while i was cutting. So heres what i did 250, 300, 350, 350, 400, 400. Its not a methylated PH. So most people would say its pretty light. I have located a source. Ive been trying to do my homework. But it seems everyone has their own opinions. I have always trusted this board and its members, so im coming to you for help. Im on my 5th week and ready to buy some pct. I was thinking Clomid and Aromasin. But i wanted to hear from some of you guys what you think would be best. The argument im constantly reading about is Nolva is easier on the system. If you could tell me what you would use for such a light cycle and why you would use it id appreciate it. As im not trying to just be told what to do, but i want to learn for future reference. So i dont have to ask you again. Im 6ft4 195 lbs if that matters any. Appreciate all the help i get thank you. Happy Holidays.