Contemplating first cycle

  1. Contemplating first cycle

    Contemplating first cycle

    Hey guys I'm considering running gear for the first time? I'm trying to gain some lean size. Any suggestions?

    220lbs 11%
    13 years training
    Lifetime natty thus far
    I train 5-6 days a week

  2. read and do your home work.... why do you think you need to do a first cycle? im not tellin you not to, just askin.

  3. Besides gaining some lean muscle mass...(approx. goal?) what else are you looking to get out of your first cycle? Have you decided whether you'd do orals or injects yet? Any other ancillaries? HGH or peptides in the mix for ideas on your first cycle??? Curious to know what you decide.
    National Level NPC Competitor
    Sponsored Athlete for Muscle Gauge Nutrition tor

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