Cycle 1 and 2 - Very confused

  1. Cycle 1 and 2 - Very confused

    I'm 36 yo. I weighed 145lbs (at 5'8) and had very low testosterone results via physical exam (about 150). I decided to go on test e to raise the levels and start gaining muscle mass. I went on 250/week for 7 weeks and increased to 375/week for weeks 8 and 9 (which is where i'm at now). I've gained mild muscle gains and about 7lbs.

    Question 1: Do I want to go off of test, when I need it to just keep my levels at normal? Meaning, do I have to do on/off cycles when I need test (not just want it)?
    Question 2: With slight weight gains (only 7 lbs) since I started, I decided to go to the gym more frequently (from 3x/week to 5x) and start taking protein supplements. Since I've begun this regimen so late in the cycle (I just started, and it's my 9th week), won't going off cycle now defeat the purpose?
    Question 3: Do I need PCT if I do go off cycle?
    Question 4: If I do in fact have to go off cycle, what's the longest I can continue on this one?
    Question 5: Any other doses (stacking, etc) to take now or later than anyone recommends?

    There's WAY too much information on the internet and I'm very confused. Thanks in advance.

  2. 1. No you can stay on test. (re: HRT)
    2. no. View protein powder as a food and not supplement. As for 5 days in the gym, more isnt always better but if the gains are comig then keep at it
    3. Not if you stay on test. If you come off test then yes
    4. 15 weeks is an average cycle length
    5. If you got bloods to confirm low test then I assume you have insurance? If so my suggestion would be to see an endo
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