My AMS Anabolic Growth Kit & SuperDrol Cycle

  1. My AMS Anabolic Growth Kit & SuperDrol Cycle

    Cycle: Whole 60 Days
    1-Andro RDE Chrome (AMS): 1 Tab @ 8am & 1 Tab @ 4pm
    4ad RDE Chrome (AMS): 1 Tab @ 830am & 1 Tab @ 430pm
    DecaVol RDE Chrome (AMS): 1 Tab @ 9am & 1 Tab @ 5pm
    Augmentor (AMS): 3 Capsules @ 4pm
    Whey Protein 26g w/ Creatine/ L-Glutamine/ BCAAs w/ 8oz non fat milk and half small banana: 1 @ 730am & 1 @ 730pm
    Serious Mass Weight Gainer: 1 scoop w/ 8oz non fat milk: 1 @ 3pm
    Creatine Monohydrate: 1 5gram scoop @ 5pm
    L-Glutamine: 1 scoop 5g @ 5pm
    BCAAs: 1scoop 5g @ 5pm
    L-Arginine750mg/Citruline250mg: 2 Tabs @ 5pm
    20g protein bar: 1 @ 5pm
    Hot Green Tea: 1 cup @ 5pm
    Nocturnabol (AMS): 1 Capsule 30 minutes before bedtime

    Last 30 Days of Cycle (In addition to the above list):
    SuperDrol Clone from 1 tab 10mg @ 930am & 1 tab @ 530pm
    Super Cycle Support (AMS): 4 Tabs @ 9am (not sure if I should split 2 in am & 2 in pm)
    Milk Thistle 1000mg: 1 @ 9am
    TUDCA 250mg: 1 @ 9am & 1 @ 5pm
    SAMe 400mg: 1 @ 9am & 1 @ 5pm
    Niacin No Flush 500mg: 3 @ 730am & 3 @ 730pm
    Policosanol 10mg: 1 @ 730am & 1 @ 730pm
    Fish Oil 1000mg: 2 @ 730am & 2 @ 3pm & 2 @ 730pm
    Flax Seed Oil: 1 @ 730am & 1 @ 3pm & 1 @ 730pm

    Super Cycle Support (AMS): 4 Tabs @ 9am
    Arom-x RDE Chrome (AMS): 1 Tab @ 9am & 1 tab @ 5pm
    Nolvadex: in the morning 30/30/30/20/10
    Animal Stak 21 packs: 1 per day @ 9am
    D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) 750mg: 2 @ 9am & 2 @ 5pm

    Constant Daily Supplementation on/off Cycle
    Men's One A Day: 1 @ breakfast
    Fish Oil 1000mg: 1 @ breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    CLA 1000mg: 1 @ breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    Super B-Complex: 1 @ breakfast
    Glucosamine/MSM/Chondroitin: 1 @ breakfast
    Devil's Claw: 1 @ breakfast
    Tumeric: 1 @ breakfast

    I'm 29 years old 5'6" and 150lbs
    I started this Cycle on December 10th 2012.
    Approximate total protein intake with supplementation and diet is about 200 grams a day.

  2. Damn dude looks solid! Good luck let me know how it goes. I am actually starting the AMS Hormone Reg kit and Dec and Augmentor next week.
    What's your diet like?
    Try Nocturnabol by AMS stuff is awesome!

  3. Hey bigoz. Thanks bro. I am getting much better sleep with the Nocturnabol. I can finally sleep more than 4 hours straight. I keep my diet simple. As you can see I have 3 protein shakes a day, one of which is a weight gainer. I also have a protein bar and a fiber bar. Need the fiber to move my bowels after all that protein. I usually have two fish fillets a day: salmon or tilapia, at separate times of course. I like to throw in some brown rice with the fish as well. I use a wrap for sandwiches that has 9g carbs and 9g protein. Usually have chicken and turkey with veggies on my sandwich. I don't eat any candy, cookies, cake, or ice cream. I still like my eggs and beacon with biscuit and gravy in the mornings two hours after my first shake (no egg yolks). I'm holding around 150 to 152 right now but we are only two weeks in. Lots of vascularity and definition is coming in well. I will keep you posted. I strained my left pectoral lifting 85lb dumbbells... Oops. Haven't worked chest at all this week. Will get back on it on Monday. I know it will be a little sore still but I will keep it light on my chest until I am sure it's ready for higher pumps. I'm editing because I forgot to tell you my fluid intake. I drink almost 2'gallons of water and use milk for my shakes. I don't drink any soda products or alcohol, not even juice. Nothing but water and milk.

  4. @Azrael028 How's it going with your cycle? When I was on my 3rd, 4th week into my cycle of 1 AD and 4 AD I was feeling pretty invincible!

  5. Guys I am in the middle of my pct right now. I went from 150 to 162lbs by the end of my cycle. I was very lethargic by the end of the cycle, which now has gone away. I lost about 4 pounds of water weight so I am 158 right now. Vascularity is great and I went from 15% body fat to 9%. I'm two weeks into my pct and I just decided to take a week off at the gym since I pulled my hamstring playing football last week. I was squatting 400lbs and using 100 lb dumbbells for bench press. I do not use the bar for bench because of my shoulder issue. Mind you I am only 5'6" and 158 lbs. I have been getting a lot of compliments at work, home, and the gym about my physique. I put an inch on my arms and 2 on my chest. My legs stayed the same but they became more defined and solid than ever before... Until I pulled my hammy... Ouch. Anyway. I'm getting back in the gym today before I start losing my strength. But a week off was probably a good thing since I was going everyday for over 30 days straight. Any questions, let me know,



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