deca/test cyp mgs-first timer

  1. deca/test cyp mgs-first timer

    i'm 36 yrs old. been working out hard for over 7 years. only anabolic ive ever taken was megaplexx. i'm about to start my first true anabolic. deca/250mg and test cyp/200mg. i'm 5'8 and about 190 with about 10 to 12% bf. i just started taking tamoxifen citrate for a little lump behind my nipple- havent used megaplexx in almost a year-horrible side effects. learned my lesson! anyway, do i have to finish this 30 day dosing of tamox and let it clear out BEFORE i start my cycle? also i was thinking two pins a week which would be 500mg/deca and 400mg/test cyp.... should i take more test than deca? thanks for any advice

  2. Normal test/deca ratio is 2:1... So if anything lower the deca

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  3. so i should double up on the test ok..... and the tamoxefin do i need to be off it before i start my cycle???

  4. .... Uhhhh, I said to lower the deca not double the test.

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