hi guys ,

just wanted some info on pct , i have more suss and proviron then i know what to do with....i mean like a lot piling up (i visit Pakistan with my security work and i aint been stopped in uk airport once.....touch wood)
i also have more test e and dbol, decca ,clen, nova,clomid then i know what to do with.

i've ran decca a few years back but fair to say i knew **** and messed up the pct, yep am a dick i know

since then i've only been running test+prov on 10-12week courses had good gains, never over 500mg a week seemed to be all i needed.
my diet is squared, i'm making good gains, i have 12weeks coming up at the end of feb back in the uk and i'd like to try the decca thats been sat there in my stash , my worry is this,

clom and nova has always seemed to work on pct for test, no blood work , but kept my gains or most of them 75%

the one thing that i cant get my hands on is HCG, should i not bother with the decca or would clom and nova be enough for pct if i ran pct for say 6weeks?

my course plan was this
weeks 1-10 decca 600mg ew
weeks 1-12 test e 600mg ew
weeks 1-5 d'bol 30mg ed
weeks 5-12 proviron 50mg
weeks ... nova if i start feeling sides 10-20mg a day
weeks 14-20 pct at norm doses i wont list

as i said i cant get hcg and i know decca shuts u down hard should i save the decca for my next course?
have 6weeks before i start the course so plenty of time to plan and change and read , seems more i read tho the more baffled i get

quick stats 30yrs old training 10yrs (last 3years with AS)
5ft 11 ,200lb body fat 12% which is good as i left the marines 4years ago a skinny 154lb's its been a struggle but i work and diet hard at it my life revolves around my diet and gym(tho my six pack is fading so hard to diet on the road)
old courses mainly test with front orals and end orals, this would be my 5th course

can i use the decca test dbol cycle with just clom and nova pct? or should i stick to test 600mg and wait till i can get hcg

ps sorry now if my replies are slow as i'm not really on the net that much due to work
oh and i am no mard arse and wont spit my dummy out if anyone tells me something is wrong and i am doing something wrong thats why i am here to seek advice from those in the know