does my cycle look good? Pmag + stanodrol !

  1. does my cycle look good? Pmag + stanodrol !

    Hey fellow members, I am planning on running a cycle and before I do so I would like some input. Any help and comments appreciated.


    Pmag - 75/75/75/75/75/75
    Stanodrol - x/x/600/600/600/600
    Tribulus terrestris - 2 caps a day throughout about 2grams
    cycle assist - 8 caps througout


    Clomid - 100 for 3 days then 50/50/50/50
    Maxrize (bunch of herbs to help increase libido/test) - 2 caps for 30 days
    aromasin - Every three days 12.5g ? Or usu only in case of sensible nipples?

  2. I'd start Stano at week 1. 600mg is good. P-Mag dosing looks great too.

    Tribulus is worthless during the cycle and IMO worthless even during the PCT. It didn't do anything for me.

    You don't need aromasin during the PCT but keep in in hand in case of estrogen rebound.

    Clomid dose is way too high. 50/50/25/25 is sufficient!
    Life is nothing but big macs and hoes.

  3. Ok thank you for the help. I will start stanodrol week 1.. Ttibulus works wonders on my libido!! And thats my main concern during cycle , last epistane cycle i had such low libido i think i experienced what it feels to be a women.. I am hoping stanodrol does the trick with the libido.. So for aromasin i should NOT use unless i get itchy nipples correct?

  4. Yes. You won't need aromasin.
    Life is nothing but big macs and hoes.

  5. Thank you for the help



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