Cyanostane cycle

  1. Cyanostane cycle

    Running Cyanostane cycle right now. Running 30mg a day. I have seen other logs that show that people have possibly gone higher but do not see any results proven by upping the dosage. Does anybody have any experience with this? This is my first cycle and have not had any problems thus far other than a little headache once in awhile. Thanks for your help!

  2. Lmk how your cycle is working out. I'm cycling ams 1-andro and 4-ad. Figure I'd stack with cyno for its anabolic profile and reputation for minimal sides.

  3. I did stop the cycle about 3 weeks in. I actually ended up gaining some muscle according to the scale but as soon as I stop taking it my weight went immediately back down. I actually quit taking it because I was getting fierce headaches that were lasting for several days. I was also very stressed at the time so I believe the combination of the two would be the reasoning behind this.

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