3rd Bulking cycle

  1. 3rd Bulking cycle

    Uryte people
    Going to be hitting my 3rd cycle looking for this to be my most productive bulk
    diet is on point
    im 180lbs
    below 10% bf
    got blood works done by doctor to check im fully recovered from previous cycle all good
    Im thinking to hit d-bol starting at 25mg a day then bump it up to 50mg weeks 1-4
    then got test 400 pinning twice a week 2ml weeks 1-12
    and was thinking of maybe Tbol or anavar for the last 5-6 weeks
    also maybe adding some nandrolone phenylpropionate unsure about it though
    just looking for feedback and peoples professional advice

  2. What compounds you used at your previous cycles?
    Life is nothing but big macs and hoes.

  3. sorry forgot to put this previous cycles are Dbol and sus
    and test 400 and deca

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