First Cycle log 10 weeks 400mg Test -E (log) W/ Update pics

  1. First Cycle log 10 weeks 400mg Test -E (log) W/ Update pics

    Hi, I will be updating my first test-E cycle here daily along with progress pics. I've been lifting since college so it's been about 7 years.
    My goal for this cycle would be to add 10-12 lbs of lbm. I would also like to avoid being called out for using at the gym, so reducing bloat will be a priority. If something looks off or doesn't seem right please let me know. I did my first injection today in left quad and wasn't all that bad. I'll be updating this log daily with as much detail as I can.

    Also any advice about dosing Aromasin would be greatly appreciated. Also for PCT I was planning on just using Nolva, I don't think that it will a problem but would be greatly appreciated a vet chiming in on that.

    Thanks, Tom

    Age 27
    wt. 178 BF% 12ish

    Cycle plan
    wk 1-10
    200 mgs of test-e E3D
    Week 1-12
    Exemestane 12.5 mgs EOD- Last week will reduce to 6.25EOD

    Wk 12-16
    Nolva 40/40/20/20

  2. Cycles for Beginners!! please look!

    Take a look at that. And let me know if you have any questions on the pct

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