Leptigen Mass Log Nutraplanet/Avant Labs

  1. Leptigen Mass Log Nutraplanet/Avant Labs

    Ok, heres the deal. I recently have come off of a very successful 4ad/1test/M1T/M5AA/M4OHN cycle (different compounds different times). The total cycle length was just over 6 weeks. Since then, I have been on Nolvadex and topical 7-oxo for a few weeks and am just now tapering off of both.
    Thus, this testing is focusing on the ability of Leptigen Mass as a post cycle therapy (PCT) adjunct. While others might have preferred seeing it used immediately post cycle, I am glad to start it as I finish up with the usual PCT. It is weeks 3-5 where I usually notice strength and muscle losses, as well as fat gain. Thus, I will be evaluating whether the Leptigen can aid in these departments.
    Now for the raw data
    Weight: 187
    Height: 5'8-5'9
    Bf: untested in last couple weeks but circa 9%
    Bodytype: Mesendo

    Incline Bench 245x5
    Weighted Pullups 70x5
    Dips 135x8
    Squat 320x10
    SLDL 275x10

    My routine alternates between a 4 day upper/lower volume and upper/lower strength workout or a 3 day HST hybrid. On two off days I will do some tempo running with clean cardio.

    I follow a bulking version of carb cycling. On my lifting days I will do high carb and protein, and on my cardio days I will do low. Off days are usually no carb or neglible.

    I will not list my supplement list here. It is pretty consistent and a number of things have been there for a while. So any changes will be seen as from the Leptigen. I also started Sesathin on my own before the holiday times, but have since cut that down to half or less than half dosing and will probably discontinue until Christmas.

    Today, December 1st is my first day. I took 1 serving around 5:00PM. Tastes good, I can say that right now. Will continue with 2x day usually morning and around post workout/post HIIT cardio.

  2. Best of luck.

  3. December 2nd.
    Weight: same
    Subjective effects: none

    Well, second day so I didn't expect anything. I guess tastes must be subjective because I actually like the taste of the Leptigen Mass, but what do I know. I took one serving this morning 10 minutes before breakfast, and then did a second serving just prior to my post HIIT cardio meal. My HIIT workout went smoothly, but nothing out of the oridinary. Will keep updating as the days progress. I would like to get some picks up, but unfortunately I like to keep some level of "distance". So sorry on that account, I won't put up any for now.

  4. December 3rd
    Weight: steady
    Effects: noticed some pump at the end of my workout. Felt most strongly in the triceps.

    Today, I did a HST fullbody workout. 2 sets reps of 5 at each bodypart. Switched up a couple excercises so I dont have exact strength comparisons (that will come sunday/monday), but I felt pretty good. Using the mirror, clothing and simple measurements there has not been much changed but its still early. Will update again sunday as saturday is an off day.

  5. December 5th
    Weight: 187 (up 1lb)
    Subjective Effects: noticeable pumps in later sets. Especially in smaller muscle groups.

    I've switched back to my 4 day a week split. This is basically a self made program based off of some of the discussions on the chat of the avant board. It includes a higher volume leg day, hv upper body day, and then a power day for each. Today was the hv leg day (with biceps). During my squats I did not really notice anything. I hit 315x10 for 4 sets, which is pretty normal. However, I had dropped a little last week so strength may be up. Leg curls were up a few pounds but nothing noticeably different. It was on my incline bicep curls where I really noticed a difference. I could feel and see a strong pump in my biceps, although my strength if anything was down. A similar phenomenon happened with SLDL's. I performed my 3 sets of 270x10 and could really feel it in my hamstrings (which normally is not noticeable until the next day), but once again if anything it slightly hampered my workout.
    Concluding thoughts for the day: Vascularity and aesthetic effects are becoming slightly pronounced, and voluminization has occured but strength has not really been effected.

  6. Interesting. Keep it coming.

  7. December 6th
    Weight: Same
    Effects: some unwanted bloating, pumps similar to yesterday

    I performed an upper body volume workout today. Consisted of an A and B excercise of db incline 100x10, and a cable row followed by flyes and weighted pullups. I could definetly feel a pump in my chest as well as in my back, which is not very common (especially lat pumps). However, if anything my strength was DOWN today, and I can't really explain why. My energy was fine, sleep has been average and the pumps were not prohibitive I just dropped a bit on my middle sets. I finished off with some skulls and other tri work, and felt fairly consistent to where I have been. Yet as today is focused primarily on volume, it will be wednesday and friday's strength workouts that will be a good test of strength. Tomorrow, I will do a HIIT cardio session of my usual tempo running and clean cardio.

  8. December 8th
    Weight: 187
    Sides: definitive pumps, strength unaffected.
    Quick update because I am exhausted and need my recovery sleep. I did my power leg workout, and both my squats and SLDL's were strong on the muscle fullness category, but little change in strength. On bicep curls my strength did go up, but not significantly. Finally, during my 100m sprints, the muscle "pump" made sprinting a bit difficult but all in all it was an "average" day. Its the 1 week mark, so I am looking for more noticable changes in the next few days.

  9. Thx for the PCT thread PCT threads are my favs, b/c cycling is pointless without a great PCT. I hope all works out well for you!

  10. December 10th
    Weight: same
    Effects: little
    Not much to really report. Since dropping/lowering the CEE I was on to begin with, I have if anything lost strength since being on the leptigen mass. I did my upper body strength workout today and fell a bit short of a few sets, really pissing me off. Later in the workout I felt strong, and it seems to have happened before during this week, which strikes me as odd. I wasn't necessarily tired, just weak early on. Other than that, I continue to have consistent pumps but I am not entirely impressed yet.

  11. Well, I'm by no means an expert, but your workout would kill me if I were on PCT.

    Sprints, HIIT, etc + Intenste weightlifting would wipe me out. I'm sure you know what you're doing though

  12. I do...and during an extended thanksgiving break I had taken time off completely besides some light swimming and one hst style workout. Also, the sprints are more tempo running, which I had been doing with the clean cardio prior to going on cycle for a few months (so my GPP level is pretty high). Also, I am right at around week 6-7 post cycle...and everything libido and subjectively is 'normal' at this point. I know that means little in a scientific analysis...but I can tell when I'm run down or not. And on power days volume is pretty low (ie 5 sets 2-3 at 5 reps and 2-3 at 3 reps).

  13. Monday December 13th
    Weight: 188
    Effects: variable
    Ok, it is really hard to qualify or quantify the last couple days because of such a discrepancy. Sunday I did my leg volume day (after unfortunately entertaining some friends out for a bit of a crazy night). Surprisingly I felt great. It was quite amazing I felt strong, energetic and focused and my lifts were up on everything. Today, was almost the opposite. My db incline has hovered or dropped a bit the last couple of weeks, even on volume day where I stay far away from concentric failure. My back was solid, but nothing like yesterday. I have even upped my cals again, but seem to look leaner if anything. So aesthetically things are pleasant, although athletically I have noticed little.

  14. Friday December 17th
    Weight: 188
    Effects: hard to accurately judge

    Wednesday's leg day was a fairly solid day, although my feeling in the gym was not the best. However, with the consistent lack of sleep and stress that Ive been going through (grad school, finals, TA, RA, thesis, job etc.) something had to give. Thus, I must put a disclaimer, which I was going to wait until I finished to mention. My conditions right now are NOT ideal for bodybuilding purposes. This does not mean however that my diet has slipped, or my workouts have not been fully dedicated. Instead it just means that other factors may not be ideal.
    With that out of the way, I wanted to write of today's upper body strength workout. I wasnt planning on hitting any huge PR's in my lifts, but my incline bench was stronger and more solid than it has been in the last few weeks, and my weighted pullups continue to go up. I also managed to have very strong lifts in my close grip and bent over rows. Energy was definetly there, attitude was up and I just felt good. The pumps were in high gear especially for triceps, and these were reps of 5.

    Finally, aesthetically there is definetly a difference. Abs are looking good, although not like they do when Im nice and dry on m5aa and 1test, but there is much less bloat since ive pretty much cut out the CEE. Secondly, while vascularity is not extreme, the muscle belly in my arms and back are enlarged, and not in a bloated creatine mono way.

  15. So it sounds like things are going very well. Unlike with androgens, you will not notice a 10 pound gain in weeks; so I take this progress as very good, so far.

  16. I dont want to judge in until the last day (or even a few days after etc..), but I will say now that aesthetically I like leptigen mass.

  17. Wednesday December 22nd
    Weight: 186
    Bf: same or down

    Well, Leptigen wise things seem to be right on par. Went to my old gym after coming home, and one of the two owners (both pretty damn good bbuilders when younger....got pro cards and did well throughout midwest), asked if I was going to compete again this summer; something I had not done since the very end of high school. And this was all after the last three weeks of complete and utter hell, which led to very little sleep, extreme stress etc. So despite losing some strength and weight, something is holding steady. Friday will probably be my last day...and it will be one last good test of my upper body strength.

  18. Independant feedback is very helpful, nice work.

  19. Monday December 27th
    Weight: steady
    Effects: Aesthetically pronounced.

    Its been a while since I have last updated, and I am now officially done with testing. I had a couple extra servings to last me through Christmas, but last wednesday was effectively the 3 week mark. Overall, I have mixed feelings at this time. First, due to outside factors I cannot truthfully say that this was a controlled test in any shape or form. I am extremely strict with my diet, so that did not really suffer at all, however sleep and stress were two factors that were incredibly abnormal during this time.
    Secondly, concerning the Leptigen itself, it is hard to consider what criteria to judge it upon. For instance, as a cell volumizer a la creatine the general "format" would be to judge based upon performance enhancement. On this criterion, I was not extremely impressed: Considering I was following up my PCT, I was not expecting impressive gains but perfomance wise I felt little. However; based on aesthetic appearance Leptigen is extremely effective. The first day back at my 'at home' gym, the owner approached me and suggested I compete again. People who have not seen me in a few weeks all think I look either A) bigger, or B) more cut or both. So on this scale I am very happy. Whether this will continue or completely disappear following supplementation will have to be determined. So far, it has not changed significantly.

  20. Great log It's a bummer that your stress level is so high right now though. I'm sure results would have been better. When I'm stressed really bad (finals, work, etc, etc), I cannot workout easily...I usually have to drop weights, too

    So, maybe you'll get another opportunity to log the leptigen mass when you finish grad school, etc. (When is that?)

  21. Ya the stress and all were a bit excessive, and definetly hurt at times. Workout frequency and intensity were there....if for nothing else but to keep sanity.

    I'd love to test this out again once stress drops to nothing.....however if I wait til grad school is over that will be a good five minimum, so im not sure you guys will be waiting for the report. Maybe this summer instead.

  22. Leptigen worked great for me before and I hear it’s back. I took it several years ago when I was trying to lose weight and build muscle. Does anyone know where I can buy it and if I can buy it in the UK, or get it shipped from the US?


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