So after browsing this site and many others for the past year I have finally decided I am ready for a cycle. And my first one will be helladrol (hdrol) I have trouble deciding which pack of gum to buy at the store, let alone how to cycle everything. I have read so much information and rarely has any one cycle log been identically the same as another. And when I first started research this threw me off big time, but I feel that for the most part if you have the basics you will be okay.

Goals - Put on 14-18lbs, hopefully more. I don't mind if I don't lose bf% here, just looking to bulk.

stats 5,9 190lbs 21y/o 9%bf

Pre-cycle - I have been on hawthorn berries and milk thistle for 3 weeks now.

hdrol - 50/75/75/75/100/100 (This could still change and probably will. 5 weeks or 6, higher dosage or lower, etc...)
Cycle assist - 2 servings
Fish oil, hawthorn berries, milk thistle, multi(orange triad), taurine if needed

Nolva 20/20/10/10
fish oil, hawthorn berries, milk thistle, multi
cycle assist
Animal stack

This is not 100% what I am planning on doing, just something to throw out there and build on. If it looks good then of course I will go with it. One question I had was about hcg, would you take it? I have heard varying opinions about it, and it has been hard for me to find.

Also creatine, pre workout, hemoval, bcaa's. Is this stuff still good to go in my cycle? I may settle for a milder pre workout supp. and dump the creatine.

Thanks for the help guys.