4drteg Test-E Dbol Ride

  1. 4drteg Test-E Dbol Ride

    Sup guys.
    I know I didn't stay on top of my SD thread like I wanted. But it didn't seem like a big deal compared to this. I promised to keep this one up to date and stay on top of it.
    Any Advice recieved will be cool.

    Been watching some of the big threads and want to make this one just as epic, so lets go!

    Week 1-12 test E Pinned 250 Twice a week Tuesday and Saturday. First pin was today 11/27.
    Week 1-4 dbol at 25/25/50/50
    Aromasin for on cycle AI


    Nolva 40/30/20/10
    Erase pro

    Support supps

    Cycle assist by CEL
    NOW Liver Detox
    Hawthorn berry
    Milk thistle
    Fish oil
    Multi vitamin

    Took my first pin this morning in the quad. Been reading everyones threads about how they sat in the bathroom and thought about the pin for like 25 minutes before finally doing it. I figured F-it. Lets just get it done with and get to gettin!
    Went in no problem, no more pain then a doc would cause with a shot. Sweet!

    Trained back today.

    Lat pulldowns 140 4x10-12ish
    Seated V-handle Row 160 4x10-12ish
    Underhand Lat pull/row 100 3x10
    Rope handle rows for mid/upper back 120 3x12

    DB curls 30 3x10
    WG BB Curl 65 3x15

  2. Good luck. Im doing the same thing and started 5 days ago. I am feeling great due to the DBOL, test should be another 2 weeks im hoping. GET R DONE BRO!!

  3. Hams/low back day
    SLDL-145x10, 195X10, 245X8,8,8 (hips started to hurt
    Seated hamstring-90 4X10
    homemade standing unilateral curl- 30 4X10
    Goodmornings 3X12

    No PIP. but I'm excessively hungry Already. I know some guys claim it happens after a week or two...but Dang lol.

  4. Thanks johnman. I'll check your thread when I get to a computer.
    Whats this thread need to get more love lol? I've been a chronic lurker for a year, just haven't started anything until now. Was hopin for some more bros to follow the madness.

  5. 2nd pin today, left glute. Quick and easy. Crushed my legs. Even though hams were still slightly sore from the other day. Can't wait for this **** to kick in!
    Squat 225 4 sets for reps somewhere between 8 and 15.
    Leg extension 95 3 sets of 95
    smith split squat 95 12 each leg

    Wheres my followers!? No love cause I'm not on enough lol?

  6. 3rd Pin Today. Can't wait for this stuff to kick in. Had a nice chest workout today. Didn't ear enough carbs though, had no endurance.
    Still trying to dial in my diet.

  7. Gladly follow along. Subbed.

  8. Bout time haha! Welcome.
    Anything you wanna talk about? Lifts are going well, diets cleaned up with a lot more carbs added.

  9. Have you considered backloading anything? How's the bloat treating you?

  10. Backloading? Unfamiliar sorry
    and I've seen guys talk about how epic there Dbol experience is...I'm not feeling a single ****ing thing! And my weight isn't up...called the guy out on the fact that scale hasn't moved etc and he Lost his mind claiming this and that and so and so is up 23 and that guy is up 27. Well mother F...I'm up 5 pounds in 14 days, and I think that's just cause I added a lot more carbs to my diet. Thoughts? I'm pretty pissed.

  11. Sorry man. Admittedly I'm inexperienced. But a thorough log could help my research.

  12. What kind of log you looking for. Ive researched and I haven't seen anyone not get massive gains from Dbol. I'm at 50mg a day and pinning twice a week...I'm stagnant and getting really sketched out'

  13. Whatsup brotha that dbol kick in yet? I started experiencing crazy noticeable pumps by the third fourth day jus a heads up.. Hope things get better for ya. Subbed.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by 4drteg View Post
    What kind of log you looking for. Ive researched and I haven't seen anyone not get massive gains from Dbol. I'm at 50mg a day and pinning twice a week...I'm stagnant and getting really sketched out'
    Im interested in the same cycle but need some help finding some good legit dbol and test..any help??

  15. What's Test and Dbol?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by 4drteg
    What's Test and Dbol?
    Where you been brudda, hope youre cycle was better than this log? Lol howd things pan out?

  17. Yeah what's the deal brotherman?


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