For the past month I've spent a lot of time between different forums studying as much as possible in hopes to learn more about the sciences behind PH's. As I've made mention in my earlier posts, I'm a salesman, not a chemist or biologist. With that said, understanding the chemical/compound breakdowns is completely over my head. Does that mean I should back away from using a PH, or roll the dice and bet on who I feel to be the most credible source. I'm 29 years old who's been stuck at 185lbs for the past 3 years since both my first and last PH, ExtremeTren.

It is my hope to receive feedback from as many people as possible regarding this cycle I'd like to run.

Pre Cycle - Fuerza Labs D-Liver
(1 a day to preload for 1 week)
(1 a day through PH cycle)
(1 a day throughout PCT)

Cycle - Ultradrol
Week 1: 8mg per day
Week 2-6: 12mg per day

Post Cycle -
Purus Labs Recycle - (one serving daily [four capsules] - 25 days)
Novla - Four Weeks - 20/20/20/20

Is my precycle support and PCT secure enough to feel comfortable running the Ultadrol?