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  1. Attached are two photos showing my progress over about 6 months training and eating quite well. The aim of the cycle is to get stronger and shred up at the same time. It seems the best way to start is with a 12 week cycle of Sustanon250 at 500mg a week. I will start a pct two or thre weeks after I take my last shot.

    I am 24 and170 pounds. I want to gain size but I also want to lose fat so if I do a regular three day split with the weights, how much cardio can I do to shred before I start negatively affecting muscle growth?

    I am very dedicated in the gym and have no problem working hard and spending plenty of time in there. Also, I'm a musician so I have the whole day off and as such can spend unlimited hours working out. My gym is on the beach and it is right across the road from me here in Dubai.

    Basically looking for some advice or tips that anyone might have. I don't think I'll start until after Christmas as I want to hear as many opinions as possible first. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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