Any Suggestions for this TBol / StanoDrol Cycle?

  1. Any Suggestions for this TBol / StanoDrol Cycle?

    Hello Everyone:

    OK I"m slowly buying my goodies for a TBol/Stanodrol cycle in the spring and I"m open to suggestions.

    Now before I go any further let me point out I can not pin as stated in my other threads for various reasons as stupid as they are but I faint when giving blood so if we can kindly just move on from that topic . . If I had someone (female lol) to pin for me then I'd be OK.

    Now where was I? . . . .

    Oh and one last thing again stated in my other cycle thread I was locked into a weight class for most of my life as I competed in Powerlifting for more years than I care to count. This is not my first cycle and I'm not new to the Iron Game, training or nutrition. I'm 43 and currently weigh 170 lbs and BF is about 12 - 14 % I relax a bit on my diet in the winter months.

    So I was going to run the following:

    TBol: 40/40/40/60/60/60
    Stano 400/600/600/600/600/600/800/800

    If I can get the new formula I want to use Dermacrine as a Test base

    I will dose my TBol/Stano together at 11 AM and 9 PM with SUPPORTS at 4 PM and 2 AM (I work very late into the morning)

    My supports will be:

    Antaeus Aegis, Cycle Assist, Taurine, Flax Oil, Fish Oil, Orange Tirade, Liv52

    My PCT will be Nolvadex (I responded SUPER will to this last time even though I know lots slam it), PCT Assist, Vitamin C, Cycle Assist, Orange Tirade, Liv52 (will drop Aegis at this point), Purple K

    I will do my normal competition clean diet of fish and chicken with lots of veggies and complex carbs as needed.

    And as always lots and lots of protein . . now I'm sure there is something I have forgot to list and someone will chime in and remind me so let me say TY now lol

    So if anyone wants to add/suggest something by all means chime in. . . my last cycle was a very successful H-Drol run.

  2. Knew I forgot to list something.

    Ill also do a 2 week preload with Cycle Assist and should my BP start to go up I have Hawthorne Berry Extract on hand.

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  3. Will run Nolvadex at 40/40/20/20

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  4. And 3 grams of DAA a day during PCT

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  5. Yawn lol

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