1. test/deca help

    hey guys i will be running my second cycle in the new years of test c 600/wk and deca 600/wk for 3 months length. i am 23 years 6'2 215 at 12% bf. was just wondering if this sounds good i know i have to run the test 2 weeks longer than the deca but just curious on what other concision i would have to approach. also i have nova to use at the end of the cycle

  2. Have you used deca before?

  3. no i haven't but heard nothing but good from it. im going on a bulking phase and heard deca was on of the best for bulk. a buddy of mines used it and told me to take it. my first cycle was sustonon 250 500/wk

  4. plus on steroid.com it said to use 600/wk on a bulking phase plus the bottle i got is 300 a cc.

  5. if its your first time with deca imo no need to go to 600.... imo 300 would be just fine.

    wks1-12 600mg test
    wks1-11 300mg deca (cut it 1 wks before test due to ester length)



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