1. Exclamation CEL M1,4ADD LOG

    Hey guys whatss up! i got 2 bottles of cel's m1,4add and cycle armor and pct. im on day day 2, doing 30mg per day for first week then 60mg 2nd week and 3rd week will be 90mg and 4th week will be back down to 60-30mg. Yesterday i took 30mg around 3pm est. hit the gym hour later took my mutant rage as well for pwo. felt great actually. today is day 2 and i will be takin it around 3pm est again. Will be a very easy log to stay with and not all over the place. i know people wanted to see a solo m1,4add log so here ya go. starting weight is 155-160lbs will weigh myself naked tomorrow.

  2. Hey there, Had a good workout today, did back and shoulders for strength. felt pretty good had an insane pump. Popped 30mg cap around 3 and went to thegym around 430. felt energized and i can tell this stuff is kicking in already. sweating very easily around school and can feel the blood pressure get higher but thanks for my cycle support for balancing it all out. i can tell this stuff is makin me feel alpha. so far so good id say. little size gain noticed on my chest and biceps

  3. Your saying you can feel it and see gains already on day 3?
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  4. yeah i just feel it kick in like a sorta aggressive rush haha hour or two after i take the cap. theyre 30 mg caps and i wake up feeling more fuller and fuller its sunday so on tuesday ill be bumping up to 60mg asthat will be week 2 day 1

  5. changed my mind and turned up to 60mg on monday and todays tuesday. had a crazy chest/arm pump and looked bigger forsoure without a doubt, strength went up 10lbs on curls and 5lbs triceps(maxes) and today is tuesday and im thinkin ill do back and shoulders maybe we'll see theyre sore haha but all i have to say is gains on gains, so far and i have minor acne on my face and the odd big one on my back, had a bad back spasm on monday beginning of workout but it went away after a bit, killed like a B***H though. but so far id give this stuff a 7/10 and it does make me more agressive, was a agressive person to begin with, seeing that i have a bipolar disorder. but do recommend this stuff for solo if u can handle the rushes from it. its pretty methylated aswell, i got a nice bloat going on and weird organ feelings haha still good stuff though.

  6. Week 2 day 6. going to 3 caps tomoo... all i gotta say is gains on gains... everyones saying i look bigger and i can tell i am getting bigger haha week 3s gunna be nuts

  7. I am holding no bloat from my cycle that is visible at least!and having no organ discomfort.What cycles have you ran in past?is your urine staying clear?Blood pressure good and all?
    mack @ seriousnutritionsolutions.com
    "Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time"

  8. Ive ran a mdrol 4 weeker before haha at 30mg per day. 10mg caps. and i am having no organ problems besides weird sharp pains in my heart/chest area could be my BP goin crazy. i aint gettin headaches or nothing i did alot in week 1 but that was my body getting use to it haha id say everything is ok and my urine is usually clear cause i try and stay hydrated but when im not its really really dark yellow haha stuff makes ya dehydrate easily


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