What's going on guys I really need your help with this one (all jokes aside please) I have a buddy who can get me test e, and tren now I have searched for dosages and cycle info and researched and I have seen where people say like 500mg or 250mg ok

    Now the problem my friend has cycled test before and from what people have told me he got pretty big off of it he said he injected twice a week mon and thursday? but when I asked him how many mg's does it have he said he didn't know he did 1 cc MON&THUR? is this right or wrong or what!? i dont care about his pct because I am fine with that info, but since he doesnt know should I not run this? I was going to run some products from gorilla pharma before he came to me and offered. PLEASE HELP GUYS!!!!

    should I just stick to the ph's and leave this alone? because I have no idea where to get test and tren from a reliable source.

  2. I had a buddy who offered me the same thing and that what he said the dosage was 1cc every Monday and Thursday

  3. exactly right? did you end up doing it or no? he tells me it's fine but I dont know figured i would see what more experienced people would tell me.

  4. I didn't end up doing it but he has done it multiple times and had a lot of success with it. If you stick with a strict meal plan eat a lot but eat smart and healthy and busy your ass in the weight room you will see great result from a cycle like this. Plus you need to make sure to have a good PCT so you don't end up with bad side effects.

  5. Damn bro I'm tempted to try it but I don't know but yeah I hear you on diet and hitting it hard which I already do but wondered what that would do with the test tren cycle. Have you ran any ph's. or you got any advice on some? I was gonna try gorilla pharmas products???



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