OK guys not starting this cycle for quite a few months but am starting my research now so I know what I'm doing. I'm 33 years old been lifting about 5 years now I'm 5'5 175 about 16% bf. I've done several cycles of ph's before h drol furazadrol 1-andro & 550-XD black stack and protomax from IBE. Pct is always in line serms natty cortisol this is my first experience with real gear so I know a lot about ph's but absolutely nothing about this stuff. My first question is what's a good dose seeing that I'm 5'5 and only 175. I have two 10ml vials of test cyp at 250 per ML. I've read a lot of guys running 500mg a week but was wondering of this is to much for my weight. Also I have 50 tabs of D bol and was planning on just taking 20mg on work out days or my other option was getting some more and running 20-30 every day for the first 5 weeks of cycle. Support supps will be the usual cycle assist coq10 liv 52 and the normal fish oil multi vit and perhaps a low dose AI eod such as adex or aromisin. My other question was about hCG how nessisary is this on cycle? I can get some but of course its not cheap. Also pct I was gonna go either nolva or clomid plus good t booster and some other stuff I'm sure. I planned on a 10 week but may go longer depending on the dose I go with. The stuff I have expires 08/13 is that like ph's where u can use after best by date or is that not advised also what size needles are best for test I was looking at 25g 1-1 1/2 inch needles. A lot of questions I know lol I wanna start my research now so open to any insight and suggestions. Thanks.