Help with second cycle.

  1. Help with second cycle.

    My first ph cycle was havoc epistane. I just want to tell you how much i enjoyed it i started at a flat 150lbs and gained 15 pounds on it. I've alway been a hard gainer so i really loved that stuff! I did 4 weeks and ranned it 20/30/30/30. Now its been about 2 weeks since i finished my 4 week pct and i also know i have to wait a few more weeks before my next cycle. I just want to start preparing and would like to get some opinions on what would be considered a good ph for it. I've looked into tren 13-Ethyl and superdrol.

  2. Some stats?goals?and you do know superdrol is one of if not the harshest compound IMO there is.Not sure about the 13 ethyl but I've heard it can be pretty intense as well,hope someone else verifies that!
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  3. i tnk you need to wait more than a few more weeks. try 10 weeks after pct ended

  4. As of now im 5'9 and weigh 162. I'm really just trying to put on some muscle mass. I made good gains with epistane but i dont know if it would work as well the second time or if i should use something different. As far as the two ph's i mentioned, yeah i know they're pretty harsh but if you cycle them right with good liver support ect. you should be ok, right? If not what would you recomend?

  5. My kidneys were shot on that stuff. I got less side effects from mdrol. Or even the real stuff. Becareful



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