Hey guys, iíve been reading the forum researching and just trying to learn as much as I can about cycling. Honestly, Iíve been trying to talk myself into a REAL cycle, something like test and var/D-bol or something but Iím AFRAID, LOL.

Some of the most sound advice Iíve read and been told is be sure your workouts, sleep habits and diet are all in check before going on a cycle. I have also read and been told that 1.5 grams of protein per pound is a minimum to gain muscle and if youíre not getting that much on a consistent basis donít even think about AAS.

So my question, are you all adding more protein to your diets when you are ďonĒ?

Bear with me here. If a 180lb guy off cycle is getting in 180 grams of protein ED on a consistent basis and wants to be 200lbs wouldnít he be bette served to up his protein up to 270 grams ED on a consistent basis before going the AAS route?

I see the above the scenario in the same light as a first timer jumping right into a test/tren cycle.