Morph Cycle information regards

  1. Morph Cycle information regards

    Okay so I'm going to be starting my first ph cycle once i get everything in that i ordered. I'm going to be doing a 4 week cycle of morph by amf. I know 4 weeks may not sound like long enough but from the research i did I would be doing more harm than good if I did more than 4 weeks while on methylstenbolone.

    Wanted to go 5/10/10/15 (methylstenbolone dosage) the halodrol dosage of morph would go 25/50/50/75. while on cycle i was going to take cycle assist by CEL, a multi-vit, extra zinc on hand & milk thistle. PCT was going to pct assist by CEL & Nolvadex 20/20/10/10. Was possibly considering getting pes erase during pct but don't want to deprive myself of estrogen completely.

    If i'm missing anything critical for on cycle or pct please let me know. Or if you have any recommendations that is what i'm looking for, especially on pct because i want to recover well and have no problems with gyno or libido. Thanks!

  2. your first cycle?

    well you said to let you know if youre mising something. i think you forgot your brain somewhere along the road. explain the justification of running a double methyl stacker as your first ph. are you ripped beyond belief or something?

    btw you forgot age, weight, height, experience. and youre right, 4 weeks msten is plenty

  3. 20 years old, 6'2" 180lbs, been lifting for about 3 years. Reason I decided to go ahead with this is that hdrol isn't as potent. Yes i know, it is still a prohormone and is going to do some kind of break down on my liver but compared to msten and others, it's far less dramatic

  4. you sir are a certified fukin moron. you just said its nicer to your liver than msten, but it has msten in it. and for your size. im gonna assume your 3 years ment training for 3 months cuz your knowledge in this area is pitiful and you are petite for your height. theres no reason you should be running any anabolics, especially something like msten

    go get some burgerdrol before you hurt yourself

  5. I'm glad you have plenty of time to type such a fine piece to insult me.



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