Rate My Epi/Trenavar Cycle

  1. Rate My Epi/Trenavar Cycle

    So pre-loading has begun, but I'm planning a 6 week cycle at 40mg epi and 100mg trenavar daily, (thoughts on tapering tren a bit?). I've had 3 successful runs with epi, and one decent cycle with a trenazone component. The goal will be to add 12-15lbs on a clean bulk diet; for those of you who don't know me, (i used to post on another board but it's a joke now), I'm an ex-anorexic and my weight fluctuates pretty easily. Everything checks out in my latest blood test, only standout is that my good cholesterol is low. My last cut took me from 216 down to 178. I'll give you a minute to laugh at my current profile pic, it's a week old. (haven't posted enough to post links).

    On hand, I have cycle assist, p5p, orange triad and caber, (debating on picking up tadalifil but i've never dealt with tren dick). i AM prone to gyno and I'm preparing as if it's a given. Nolva and DAA on hand for PCT along with pct assist. Nolva will be 30/20/20/10 with the DAA at 3g/daily and pct assist kicking in after 2nd week.

    Thoughts? Let me know if i'm missing anything, I'm still not used to posting for you guys.

  2. Due to the overwhelming response, i suppose it's time for an update:

    Today marked the beginning of week 3, I'm up to 189 and feeling strong. Lifts are up across the board, but my muscles are getting tight faster; (partially because I haven't wanted to take full rests between sets).

    Dosages are the same at the 40/100 split 4 times daily; I've added in .5mg caber EOD after seeing a little bit of puffiness last week. I did end up picking up a bottle of RC cialis, mainly because it was on sale, but I feel comfier knowing I have it on hand. Barely getting any aggression sides, just more alert than usual; if anything I've been in a unwarranted great mood the whole time. Can't wait to get my workouts in, had 3 separate dreams on saturday night looking forward to today's workout.

    The only thing I had not included in the original post was that I had been taking ursolic acid caps, (4x3 daily), and finished them last week; I expect to hold a little more water weight going forward but don't feel any bloat yet. Progress pics will most likely be uploaded to bodyspace, but the only noticeable difference now is i started growing a beard... (long story short, girlfriend was in the hospital, stayed with her as much as i could and by the time i actually had a chance to shave, enough hair had grown to look intentional). At least the hair is covering up my weak ass jaw line.

  3. So was your starting weight the same as the post-cut? Ie. You gained 11 lbs so far? If so, damn nice (assuming all good obviously).

    Sorry to hear about the hospital situation. Hopefully everything is good to go now?

    Keep us posted.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by loafy777 View Post
    So was your starting weight the same as the post-cut? Ie. You gained 11 lbs so far? If so, damn nice (assuming all good obviously).

    Sorry to hear about the hospital situation. Hopefully everything is good to go now?

    Keep us posted.
    Official day 1 weight was 176, so it's actually 13lbs so far... originally my goal was only to hit 195, but at this rate I should easily pop back over 200. I'm sure some of the weight is from thanksgiving gorging, but I don't feel bloated at all.

    Thanks for the concern, she's doing much better now... another week or so of antibiotics and she'll be set.

  5. I'm feeling effing indefatigable so i guess it's time for an update...

    Today is the beginning of week 5 and everything is really coming together... i've been able to ignore being tired during workouts and push out 4-5 extra reps on my heaviest weights... last tuesday my lat pulldowns went from a usual max of 205x4 to 265x8. felt like i could have done more but i couldn't wait to get to cable rows.

    biggest positive so far: yesterday i weighed in at 194lbs and measured 7.4% body fat. I didn't expect this cycle to keep me in single digits, much less lower it.

    biggest negative: i got my lipids and a few other things checked, i'll just list the out of range results.

    creatinine- 1.35mg (should be .76-1.27)
    ALT- 55IU/L (should be under 44)
    Total cholesterol- 241mg (should be 100-199)
    HDL- 31mg (should be above 39) **this isn't new, I've had low HDL for a while
    LDL- 198mg (should be under 129) ...this IS new.
    Cholesterol/HDL ratio- 7.8 (should be under 5)




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