Test/Deca cycle, have questions

  1. Test/Deca cycle, have questions

    Running a cycle of test and deca for 14wks and have a few questions.

    Height- 6'
    Weight- 185 Ibs
    bf%- 11%
    I've been lifting strong for a good 4 years now and this is going to be my first cycle

    Test E: Weeks 1-14 500mg
    Deca: Weeks 1-12 300mg
    Pct: Weeks 16-20 Clomid 100/100/50/50
    Nolva 20/20/20/20

    My questions mainly lie in the pct, i was wonder if that was enough to stabilize my natural hormone levels and also keep a good percentage of my gains. Another question i had was with gyno side-effects from the deca, i've heard of using cabergoline to stop the sides but i wasn't totally sure if that was all i need and if so what would be the proper dosing. Also with the test i was planning on getting some arimidex just incase my estrogen levels increase but i also have question on when i should know to take it and how much as well. Please feel free to critique my cycle and let me know your opinion since this is my first cycle and i'd appreciate some first hand knowledge.

  2. Heres a picture before i start the cycleName:  jacked.jpeg
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  3. Ima tell you dude that you already look awesome and I see you blowing way the F up when u start a cycle. Now this is mostly rehash but I believe it myself: do test only or test with dbol first. Mainly because Deca makes a rough pct and you might as well get all out of lower dose cycles before moving on first anyways. Next I'd drop Nolva if you do run Deca. It will not work and the clomid is plenty sufficient. Look into prami or cabergoline for on cycle in case you get prolactin issues. Also throwing some natty test boosters into pct made a big difference for me. Also using erase into pct kept rebound gyno away. I think whatever you choose will blow you into beast mode cuz you already have an incredible build. Good luck
    Hustle harder

  4. Also almost forgot, I take adex at .5 mgs every 3 days and it does great for me and I'm quite prone to getting sensitive nips.
    Hustle harder

  5. i liked the BLR form better them adex at .5 mg e3d.... other then that it looks solid.



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