Epi/Trenazone Vs. Spawn Clone???

  1. Epi/Trenazone Vs. Spawn Clone???

    So I'm looking into my next cycle for a bit of a clean bulk, since this time last year I've dropped from 216 to 178 and i want to gain some of it back. I'm pretty much decided that i want to stack these two but weighing the pros and cons of using havoc and trenazone, vs Shredded's "Rizen."

    I've ran epi standalone a few times with decent results, and used trenazone once in a lighter stack that was ok. Right now i'm finishing off a bottle of ostarine (on my 3rd cycle of this and love it every time) to bridge in. I'm mostly curious about the Spawn clone, since it looks like its 10mg epi and 10mg trenavar per capsule, how the dosing would compare to doing 5 straight weeks of epi at 40mg, along with one extra week of trenazone, 112.5mg for the first 3 weeks, 150mg for the last 3.

    Does anyone have experience with Rizen or another recent Spawn clone? Pros/cons of each besides cost?

    (yes, i have my side supps and pct in order and on hand)

  2. That dose of trenavar is way too low. Guys are needing to run that stuff at 120mg ED to see results, if not higher. Trenazone+Epi stack would be killer. Epistane bringing in the androgenic/dry power and trenazone really to help bulk up and bring up strength a lot as well.
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  3. I was originally considering the trenazone but worried about excess rubbing off on my girlfriend. I could rework the dose to 115*120mg but would then want to aim for 5 weeks instead of 6. Thanks for the quick feedback, I'll keep researching in the meantime

  4. Fair enough, I wouldn't want you to risk the rub off. You could shower before any contact, etc. After the drying, it shouldn't really rub off.

    BUT I would say 120mg trenavar would work out pretty well. That's a decent dose of the stuff.
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