need some help! my first AAS cycle!

  1. need some help! my first AAS cycle!

    Hey guys, I'm new here to the forum, but have read up on a lot of information.
    My goals are to cut down, get back in shape, but gain a few lbs. Just had time off due to an injury and put on some unwanted lbs! Lol

    Stats are:

    21 years old
    Been lifting seroiusly with diet in check in everything. for about 2 years.
    And been lifting overall since I was about 17 or 18.
    I'm 5'5 170lbs and not sure on the bf %.
    But u can't see my abs non flex, but flexed there visual.

    Diet on cycle

    10-15cals per/lb
    1-2gram of protein per/lb
    0.5-1gram of carbs per/lb

    I wanna shred some bf off, get that shredded look, maybe gain a few lbs, and get tons of vascularity

    Here's my cycle layou
    Epistane: 40/40/40/40/40/40
    T400 at 1cc a week for 10 weeks than at 2cc for 5

  2. Forgot to add ill be running 3-4 km a day, and skipping for about 20min a day, and doing bag drills.ontop of the obvious weight training.
    I'm a boxer, so keeping my cardio and endurance up is number one.

  3. Look... I did my first cycle at 20-21 and now I wished I had not till I was much older and my endo system was fully formed. Ever sense I did my first cycle I have not been right ever sense! I'm almost 38 now... That most of my life iv had sexual problems. Before AAS I was a champ, after I had a really hard time doin any of that. Witch just made me go back on so I could. Now I'm close too 38 years old and just got bloods done and I need to be on hrt. Iv needed to be on sesne I was I'd say about 25 is when I really started havin problems.

    Now with the hrt I need to pin just to feel normal.... For the rest of my life, for me that's a long time. I'm not tellin you to do it but really think hard and read up on what your bodys gonna go through while your on and then again when you come off.... It's really a mind fu€k for alot of people.... Just sayin.

  4. I fully respect you oppinion, and ill take it into consideration, I've waited since I was 19 cause I got told its too early, so now its 2 years later, and I'm ready. I'm only doing a T400 base, and a ph. I've done several ph cycles. Epistane with T400 sounds like a pretty mild cycle? Compared to first runners running test/dbol. Or test/drol. If u guys could critique my cycle, give me some advice ON the cycle, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  5. 400mg is ok to run first cycle for 10 wks but imo i dont think you need to jump to 800 for 5 more wks... also imo 15 wks is a long cycle. the norm would be 10-12.

    i would run the cycle like this...
    wks 1-6 40mg epi ED
    wks 1-7 400mg, then if you feel you need to
    wks 8-10-12 600mg

    thrn 2 wks after last pin start PCT.... what are you planning for that?

  6. any reason you cant cut naturally? at your stats and no pics i cant imagine not being able to drop some lbs natty, also that seems like a good bit of cardio on a daily basis to hope for lean mass gains with your cal layout. whats your plans for pct?
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  7. Sorry for late reply.

    And nolvadex. At 20/20/20/20

  8. your gonna need more then nolva.... and that wouldnt be my anit e of choice for pct.

  9. What do u recommend than?


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