Hello guys, I am looking for your advise, so I am planning to do my tren/test e cycle , Id like to know your opinions about this:

I am
180 pounds
body fat about 13-15 %
training for 2 years

My goal is to gain a lot of lean muss and get shredded. [currently on clen/t3 cycle].

So my cycle would be

Androxine Tren- weeks 1-8, 35 mg EOD - the dose is so low because the Androxine suppose to be fast acting and way more powerfull than regular tren. Any experience with it? anyways I would take 50-75 EOD but recommended dose is 76/3 days.

Test E- weeks 1-10, 500 mg a week [ 250 mg monday , 250 mg thursday]

HCG- weeks 1-10, 500-1000 I.U. a week

PCT- clomid weeks 11-16, 100/50/50 etc. ED

What do you think? also I wanna know can I use T3 in this cycle?

Thanks for your advise !