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    Hey, I was chosen to test Phenogen (Avant Labs) by Styrder for Nutraplanet. I'm currently ending my 1-Test Cyp, 4AD Cyp, 5AA Cyp, M1,4AD stack. I ended up gaining roughly 24 lbs in right under 8 weeks. I didn't dose yesterday which would have been the start of a new week; and by the time the cyp esters clear my bloodstream I will have been "on" for 10 weeks.

    My goal for the PCT is to eat at roughly 2000 calories over maintenance on a moderately strict 45/35/20 split of carbs/protein/fat. That is where the Phenogen comes into play; It is supposed to be excellent for allowing people with a low bodyfat (me ) to eat on a hypercaloric diet and still avoid excess fat gain. I will be dosing the Phenogen at 2 caps, 3 times a day with meals. I will be doing this for 30 days. 2 of the weeks that I'm testing Phenogen I'll still have androgens in my system; and 2 weeks i'll be a testosterone-less moody bitch thanks to my clomid/nolva .


    To stay at under 10% BF (currently < 9%) while on a hyper caloric diet.

    6-3' 230lbs ~9% BF

    I've got some experience with alot of different substances, so I know how my body responds to things before, during, and after a cycle. So hopefully the Phenogen will perform well enough to become a staple in PCT to help in retaining LBM by being able to keep calories high and not worry about the fat gain. We'll see how it goes....

  2. i'm very interested in how this works out, i'll be ending a cycle soon and don't want to gain an increase in bf% while eating my face off to keep my weight up the first 3 weeks of pct

    hope this works out well

  3. me too, should be great if it lives up to claims.

  4. Ok, I've started . I weighed in "dry" this morning at 229 lbs. Body fat is at 9% according to the skinfold caliper. So far nothing to report, but uhhh, ...... ITS ONLY BEEN A DAY!

  5. This is going to really put this to the test, thanks for giving this a go.

    For me it took a bit of a ramp up for this to kick in, so ideally, one would start this 7-10 days before the end of a cycle, but, oh well....

  6. I'm very interested in seeing how well this product works for my own personal use. Good luck with the cycle chasec, and thanks for testing this out for me and Twin

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Twin Peak
    This is going to really put this to the test, thanks for giving this a go.

    For me it took a bit of a ramp up for this to kick in, so ideally, one would start this 7-10 days before the end of a cycle, but, oh well....
    i thought about that too, so that's why i'm starting now. my last shot was last thursday, but it's a cyp ester so by the time the 1-test clears my system, the phenogen should be doing it's thing. well, that's the idea anyways. j

    As for today, their really isn't much to report. the scale hasn't budged a bit, and my workouts are still great. I've heard this can cause a bit of lethargy, but i haven't noticed anything today.

  8. cant wait to see the results..been looking into this supp for awhile

  9. Well, todays update.....

    This is the start of the 4th day. I've really been getting my protein and carbs in easily 2000 kcal over maintenance for the past week. I'm determined not to lose a bit of my gains from my recent cycle, and am not worried about gaining fat this time around. That really hurt me last PCT as i tried to trim down a bit too soon. I really feel "fat" if i get up around 12% bodyfat and have to fight the urge to cut. Hopefully this cycle the Phenogen will do it's thing and hold off that excess fat gain.

    So far the scale hasn't moved much. I'm now weighing 230 when i wake up in the AM after a nice, long, pee . This to me is expected as it takes the phenogen a bit of time to build up and start working. My workouts are still going well, and haven't noticed much affect as far as endurance/lethargy goes. The phenogen is supposed to deplete intra-cellular creatine levels, which could lead to reduced endurance I guess; however i'm not noticing a change yet at all. We'll see how it goes tomorrow...

  10. Nice detail.

  11. 12/3/04

    Not much to report. I'm starting to fatigue a bit easier, although it could be a mental thing. I'm also starting to drop a reasonable amount of water weight, however this is more likely due to the cyp esters clearing my system. My workouts haven't changed much from usual, I'm keeping my complex carbs up high especially before a workout so that is helping me get through them. My weight is still holding at 230 on the scale, so all is well in that department. Honestly, right now I don't feel the Phenogen has had time to take effect considering what it's supposed to do in my body. Next week I should start noticing a few changes (according to the guys at Avant). So, stay tuned and I'll keep you updated.

  12. cool deal, keep it coming bro.

  13. Well today the appetite suppression kicked in full. after i took the pills i had no desire to eat anything. credit that to the Sesathin in the Phenogen. This would be very effective on a cutter for me, too bad i'm trying to eat like a horse.....

  14. 12/6/04

    Well, yesterday i stepped on the scale and weighed 228. Credit that to my traveling, as my diet was garbage. I was on the road for a bit and didn't get to eat properly, or nearly enough. The Phenogen seems to feel like it's suppressing my appetite only 1-2 hours after each dose. I don't think it will pose a problem in the long run. In fact it's making me want to buy some sesathin for cutting this spring.
    My workouts have been going good. I didn't get a chance to yesterday, but I lifted hamstrings/glutes this morning and got a really good workout in. Nothing adverse to report there.

  15. You only trained hams and glute?

  16. well if he is traveling he has to keep his glutes and hams strong for long hours of

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Twin Peak
    You only trained hams and glute?
    it was a quickie. i normally just do an all inclusive leg day (ham, glute, quad, calf). but i had a meeting with my advisor on my practicum, and only had ~25 minutes to get it done. i know it seems useless but i really had the urge to get something done.

  18. Well, today was nothing special to report. My strength was down; actually it was more a loss of endurance than strength. I fatigued a bit easier on my 3rd sets than normal, but i expected that as the androgens clear my system. Weight was down another pound today, to 227. I think the bloat from the 4ad cyp is about gone, so that should be the end of the water weight.

  19. hmn, good news today. in the mirror i noticed..... NOTHING!!!
    actually this really is good news. i don't seem to be putting on the usual PCT fat that comes from overeating to retain gains. the appetite suppression has either died down or i've grown use to it. either way it's not an issue anymore. i gained a pound since last weigh in, now holding at 228. i'll go get my bodyfat checked again next week to see how that's far so good.

  20. Perfect.

  21. lethargy is starting to kick pretty good today. stangely though, when i get to the gym i'm the same as always (full of energy, ready to go). but during the day, i feel like laying on the couch and eating pizza while watching tv. i can't credit this all to the phenogen, it's probably mostly due to PCT and having the test levels of a 12 year old girl. hopefully this will only last a week or two, and i can have a great holiday. weight hasn't budged since last update, and i'm getting bodyfat percentage checked on monday. talk to you then...

  22. well, bodyfat was measured at 9.6 percent today using a new high tech device. it used infra red light somehow and determined my precise fatness

    so far so good on my goals with the phenogen. I'd say it is doing something, as at 1500kcal over maintenance during PCT where androgen levels are allready really low, i should be noticing a good deal of fat gain. gladly this isn't the case. my workouts are going well, strength has decreased slightly, but nothing to get depressed about. So far this pct has been great. libido never suffered too badly as it has before; and i haven't gotten the clomid-esque moodswings. i've still got some time left to test this, so we'll see how it goes.

  23. Good to hear, thanks.

  24. S.O.S. today (same ol' s***). didn't get a chance to work out, lots of friends coming back in for the holidays. i think i'm going to do some wind sprints tomorrow, so we'll see how endurance goes with the phenogen. I don't think it'll have too much of an impact really; guess we'll find out tomorrow.


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