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  1. H.E.A.T LOG

    Hello gentlemen, thanks to NutraPlanet, and TwinPeak (Avant) I will be testing H.E.A.T.

    My goals for this product are mainly to help in fat loss. I have been cutting for the last 7 weeks or so under Bobo's program. At the start I weighed 290 at 20% body fat. I am currently 276 at roughly 17% bf.

    I am looking to get some help from this product in expiditing my fat loss along with a better mood enhancement, as we all know cutting sucks.

    I average now around 2lbs. of fatloss a week, so I will give honest feedback as to how the H.E.A.T is effecting my fatloss, and overall mood. I will also post stats on weight and bf% weekly.

    The dosing scheme will begin Sunday 12/5 at the lowest dose three times a day to assess tolerance. After that I will determine the most effective dose needed, and continue that until a change is required.
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  2. Alright sorry for the delay.

    Weight Today 270
    I took one cap this morning, and will stay the week at 3 caps a day.

    I have dropped everything to include green tea, so all I am taking right now is CEE.

    right bicep-20in.
    left bicep-19 and 3/4

    Body fat is a little lower than 17%
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  3. During my workout today I noticed an increase in energy. I have recently taken time off, so it is most likely attributed to that, however, it was a pleasent surprise. As I said I have dropped green tea from my diet which gives me an abundance of energy throughout the day. I have noticed no diminish in energy, and can say I feel a little more than usual. We shall see.

  4. Excellent.

    The extra "energy" from H.E.A.T. Stack has been reported in the same manner you have, not like an E/C rush, but more mild and without the crash.

  5. Indeed, I must admitt I enjoy the stimulant rush I get from E/C; however, I don't enjoy the crash. That's what I have found in green tea that I like, a sustained energy level without a crash. H.E.A.T. has so far given these same efffects, but a little more when needed.


  6. Great to hear.

  7. Nothing new to report, the dose still stands at 3 pills a day. I will bump it on Sunday to 6 pills. I will also update weight and measurements on Sunday. So far energy levels are consistent.

  8. Bump that **** up.

  9. I'm kinda suprised if you can really feel anything off of only 3 pills a day. I used HEAT for a month or so, and was easily able to tolerate as much as 12 pills per day with absolutely zero sides. I am MUCH smaller than you, albeit a stimulant junkie, so take that for what it's worth.

  10. I don't necessarily "Feel" anything. My comments were based off of discontinuing green tea, which gives me lasting energy through the day, and still feeling this energy now on HEAT. I will be bumping the dose here tomorrow as TP wishes to gauge it. So far I like the product. I am cutting right now, and on this current program my energy has been increasing, however, after 10 weeks or so I have lost some of that edge. I am hoping that HEAT can provide that, and so far it has. What will really be interesting is to see it's "Fat Incenerating" statement on the bottle prove itself. I certainly hope it does. Thanx for your input.

  11. I really think you need to be upwards of the daily maximum dose to see its fat-loss effects. At least I did (actually, since I am a non-responder to everything, I was at nearly double dose).

  12. I bumped it to 3 x 3 today. I just took my second dose about an hour ago, and I really feel it right now. I will be taking the last dose here in about two hours.

  13. Now we are cookin'

  14. cookin' with gas baby...

  15. UPDATES:
    my weight is down to 269, which is good I have been under the weather so to speak lately, and I have not been doing as much cardio.

    R bicep-20
    l bicep-19 and 3/4
    Chest-52 and 3/4
    Overall my chest is down a quarter of an inch.

    My workout went great, I really had one of the best workouts I have had in a while. The energy I get from 3x3 is great. It lasts all day, and when I'm lifting I really can call on it for a little extra. Again it's not an overpowering "jittery" feeling like ephedra or most stimulants.

    We shall see in the next few weeks if it can help me in the cutting dept. I have been cutting now for about 10 weeks, and we all know it gets hard after a while.

  16. Weight is holding steady at 268. All meaurements are the same.

    I bumped the dose earlier this week to 4x4. I couldn't handle it so I dropped it back down. I really feel that the 3x3 is the right amount for me.

    So far energy is still constant, I look forward to the rest of this cutting cycle.

  17. Weight down to 265. Felt great all week during workouts. I haven't felt this good in a while, it is somewhat attributed to the HEAT. It really gives me a mood lift when I take it.

  18. I am noticing a pattern of these Avant Labs logs. Its kind of amusing. Everyone seems to be feeling better/having better workouts/not gaining fat/losing fat, etc., but no one seems to want to "fully" attribute it to the product.

    I am speculating that there are two reasons for the reluctance:

    1) We have selected testers who are very scrutinizing, and have almost an anti-placebo effect. This means that the good testers were picked; so I am pleased. But I'll bet if even the testers themselves went back and read all of their own comments, they would be suprised.

    2) Members of this board are used to androgens, and the immediate and obvious impact of such compounds. These products, and frankly just about every legal non-androgenic compound out there, are subtle by nature.

  19. I am no expert, but I have used a number of different "fat burners," and I am not quick to judge.

    So far I really like HEAT, and the fact that the bottle seems endless. I have been on this cutting program now for around three months in which I have lost nearly 30 pounds. So I was doing something right before getting on HEAT.

    I would agree that it has helped so far with my attitiude as cutting for three months is really not fun, but I had to get the bf% down.

    I would have to agree with both of your speculations, and I really am doing this log for the board even though interest seems low.

    I appreciate you giving me the chance TP.

  20. Thanks, I appreciate the candid feedback.

  21. I tried out HEAT with varying success using a carb cycling diet, but have yet to try it out on a straight low carb cut (which tends to work better for me personally than carb cycling does). I agree on the assessment of the bottomless bottle when it comes to this product, but these tablets are so damn small I think I lost a few here and there when transferring out of the bottle. My biggest complaint with the product was the dosing on an empty stomach requirement, which led me to space meals farther apart than normally would be the case.

  22. I had a little trouble with the dosing schedule as well. I just ended up taking it in-between meals.

  23. if anyone is still logging, what's the overall consensus on HEAT? Did it make a significant difference and have a noticable effect?

  24. Sorry for the lack of posts, there wasn't much interest.

    I ended the HEAT about two weeks ago, my current weight is at 255
    So I started at 276 for a total of 21 ponds lost while on HEAT.

    Now before starting HEAT I was losing weight at a clip of 2lbs. per week, thanks to Bobo. While on HEAT I averaged a little more than 2lbs. THis isn't exactly scientific nor do I claim it to be, but in my opinion after cutting for a couple of months and to continue to lose the fat on a consistent basis credits HEAT/ Bobo.
    As far as energy levels were concerned they stayed elevated throughout the day, and also never climaxed or crashed as Ephedra or Caffiene will. I had the extra energy when I needed it, but not an over abundance. In other words I didn't get burned out. It also provided a nice uplifting feeling not overly brash, but noticeable.

    Will I buy it agian? Yes, in fact I already have.
    It really is something I feel has assisted in my cutting routine.
    Is it as effective as ephedra? Yes, and no. It doesn't shed fat as quickly as ephedra, but it does allow you to stay on it longer. I had no diminishing effects even after 4 weeks.
    I did not notice any appetite suppression, but I never notice any appetite suppression, which is one reason I am cutting.
    Hope this helps.

  25. I have noticed that HEAT Stack and hoodia are synergistic in terms of appetite suppression.

    Also, HEAT is not designed to be an ideal pre-workout formula. It is being reformulated, and caffiene added, for a VERY potent pre-workout formula (aka DOMINATE). DOMINATE pre-workout and HEAT Stack the rest of the day will make a potent stack.


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